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Productivity: Clearing the Personal Kanban Board for a Special Project | by orcmid
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Productivity: Clearing the Personal Kanban Board for a Special Project

[F094002] One feature that really struck me about the account of different kanban that Jim Benson uses is the ease and play with which he is willing to change, adjust, and even completely go to a new board for a special project. It was basking in that playfulness that led me to use Cool-Warm-Hot for ready-item priorities. And the ability to construct a new kanban on-the-spot for a special purpose was an inspiration for me when I needed to introduce an unexpected project.


To clear the way, I moved all of the junk that had been crowding the backlog area to my inbox for processing there.


I then took everything else off by stacking each column of cards up and setting it aside. This provided the opportunity to erase the board and redo it with a masking-taped legend.


Before I started the new project, I slid all of the previous cards from the same column into the bottom of their columns. The small dry-erase board has a gap between the border trim and the dry-erase surface. I was able to tuck the stacks of suspended items into the gap.


You can see other things I play with. I use color, little checklists, and other indicators on the individual cards. I also have a supply of smaller plain Post-It Notes that I bought by mistake since I don't have the dispenser they are designed for. But they are the right size for many personal kanban items, including adding attachments to larger ones. They also allow more items without crowding.


I've also drawn on the supply of Post-It tags that I use for bookmarks. You can see those in the bottom group as items piled on top of a larger card. These are used when I need to have a visual, physical display of next-options, with the ones underneath not usually considered until the ones atop them have been dealt with.

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Taken on August 25, 2009