Sam's Life
March 1989 -- May 7th, 2009

Sam's spirit has flown to the Light. Below is what I had written a couple of years ago:

A photographic tribute to our dear Sam. May he continue to live joyfully with gusto and spunk. Sam came to our family when he was a year and a half old. He's now (fall 2006) over 17 and although Sam is slowing down ever more rapidly these days, he still has joie de vivre, spunk and attitude. He is, after all, the "elder" in our family at the equivalent of 100+ years old! He pretty much has us pegged as softies and gets whatever he wants (eventually)

We hope he sticks around for a long time.

I have written alot about living with Sam. If you are interested in reading what I've written, maybe even more than looking at a bunch of cute dog photos, the descriptions under the following photos have more extensive written pieces:


Waiting for me to sign that it's "time to go ..."

that Afternoon, he led the way through the veil

Wise Ones

All bandaged up

Walking in Gold: Finding Healing in Nature
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