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365/365 - the end. | by B Rosen
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365/365 - the end.



i'm nearly at a loss for words y'all. i did it. 365 days of me, by me. It's really been such an honor and a privilege to share my project with you all, while at the same time seeing all of your incredible work go by my eyes. i have no idea why i started this project. there was no photo i saw, or group i stumbled upon. i just picked up my cameraphone one day, and started. i never thought i'd make it thru the first month, and there were many many times i had to haul myself up to take my picture even tho i really didnt want to take one at all.


i learned a lot about myself along the way, i learned SO SO much about photoshop and photography that will be so valuable to me in the future, but best of all, i made some amazing friends along the way.... this is where i do my shoutouts.


Terri (hollandrayne) you rock my socks. you commented on prolly over 200 of my shots i think, and i feel like we've been friends for years from how much i know about you, florida, and your zoo. we miss you on flickr too... ::new project! new project!:: :)

Sarah (that edit girl) introduced by terri due to our love of DMB, you rock just as hard! i'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the rest of your project, and im sure at some point we're gonna run into each other at a DMB show. thanks for your constant inspiration

Christina Ina you're stuff constantly puts a smile on my face or makes me laugh. so colorful and interesting! follow this girl's stream everyone!! shes brilliant!

Ari (shesacoustic) one of my favorite photographers on flickr. ari, your stuff is absolutly gorgeous, and it makes me jealous on a regular basis. i was so excited when you started commenting on my stuff cause i admired yours so much.

t0asty one of my first 365 pals. she finished hers a month back, but its a really great set of very candid real SPs, check it out.

Carley Vous another one of my early 365 pals who's also recently finished. get a look at her stream, its really amazing. she taken great strides in photography this year, and really posts incredible stuff.

Jonathan (themanilow) another DMB pal who constantly makes me laugh. he's doing year two right now!!! get in on that action! now!!

jezikalyn another flickrer who's work i admire greatly, and was super excited that she started commenting on my stream. you do phenomenal work, i look forward to your stuff in my stream.

Sharon (iammacgirl) a longtime flickr friend, who takes really gorgeous images of canada and all things canadian. she's really got an eye for detail. you rock sharon! thanks for all the support during my project!

dart_75 you made me smile so much... often you were my only comment on a particular photo! thank you!!


there are so many people... im just gonna list a few more: Eliza[beth] Grace, ArtistofLife7, Corie Howell, Evil Erin, Talia Sara, Something Cheeky, zap451 (my twin!) ahhh. im sure i missed someone.


also my mom and dad, who watched this all year, but most of all to my wonderful girlfriend shannon, who put up with me saying "i have to take my 365" for a whole year, and never complained. love you babe!


and now, some fun facts:


extra days it took me to finish my 365: 19

shots that do not feature my face at all: 50

shots that have dogs: 20

shots with cloe: 13

shots with bella: 11

shots that have other people: 13

shots with shannon: 7

number of states: 6 (and 1 in an airplane)

consecutive days without skipping a day: 259

number of celebrities: 1

number of llamas: 1

shots where i've written text: 15

shots with a fisheye lens: 14

shots in B&W or Sepia: 54

number that made Explore: 5

this by far has the most views @ 915

this has the most favorites @ 13

this has the most comments @ 23

these guys tie @ 25 for the least views.

lots have no comments, heres a few: 1 2 3


so what's next? im gonna take a few days off. i'm gonna start up a high key project... and maybe you'll see a year two come out of me. you never know ;) but what you'll be seeing very regularly is all the alternates from the entire year that i never ended up using.


thank you all again. i really can't believe its over. i had a blast.

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Taken on October 6, 2009