Forest Hills' 72nd Ave/Roman Ave Historic Neo-Renaissance Rowhouses: 1st street, 1906
The 1st residential rowhouses in the newly named Forest Hills in 1906 by Cord Meyer, on Roman Ave now 72nd Ave between Austin St & Queens Blvd. It is today the oldest extant developments. Prior to 1906, Forest Hills was known as Whitepot and solely consisted of farmland. This assemblage is unique for Forest Hills, and particularly Queens. The 72nd Ave rowhouses were honored in 1991 & 2006 by the Central Queens Historical Association, and a plaque was mounted on one establishment. They coincide with Forest Hills' 100th anniversary in 2006. They are the pride of Forest Hills, and can & should be restored and adaptively reused.

Photos courtesy of Michael Perlman, Chairman of Rego-Forest Preservation Council

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108-11 72nd Ave:

108-15/17 72nd Ave:

108-19 72nd Ave:

108-21 72nd Ave:
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