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This is in my opinion the strongest graphic design i have of gazelle bicycle ephemera.

The strong orange colour and the movement. I found this info on wikipedia:

Cornelis André Flanders (Amsterdam, 1 September 1881 brugge, 5 augusts 1955) was a graphic artist. When its mother died in 1886, he virtually was its whole youth an orphan he has been in the "Hospice Wallon" in Amsterdam, in 1899, he leaves this orphanage. After the lower school he has had lesson from 1895 up to 1898 on Quellinusschool in Amsterdam. It was one of new founded training. He was registered there for the graphic designclass.. After a successful career on this school he let register him self in 1897, on the academy for arts also in Amsterdam. Between 1904 and 1910 he was teacher on the evening classes of the tick school for art crafts industry in Amsterdam. As from 1899 up to 1905 he worked at the architectural firm of Ed Cuypers. That office stood confessed as a type training work shop. Here he cooperated among other things in the expenditure of that office: In 1905, he will start there for itself. As from that time he makes many publicity tasks for several firma's, among other things much work for the gazelle bicycle wheel factory in Dieren. For the AVRO he devised it well-known emblem and looked after much sign work in the Radiobode. Flanders belonged also to the employees of for the first time in 1916 appeared illustrated magazine company publicity. Of its hand come for an exhaustive range of approximately 50 publishers innumerable book links, envelopes and illustrations to score, of this 205 tasks have been retrieved. He devised also posters; up to present there 27 of has been confessed. In 1929, he decides establish itself in Belgium, firstly in Ghent later in brugge. Between 1940 and 1945 he makes 160 ex-libris represented in the well-known book of A.G. Stainforth (appeared in 1946), in 1992, on this a continuation with its remaining 69 ex-libris appeared. On 5 augusts 1955 André Vlaanderen died in Brugge.


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Taken on February 18, 2007