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Sun Glasses and Me | by 7-how-7
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Sun Glasses and Me

I don't do real well with sunglasses.


I lose them.


If I don't lose them, I break them.


Today I couldn't find the pair that I have held onto for the longest, a pair that I don't even like, but since I could still find them, and they had yet to break, they were winning by default.


Until today, when they went missing.


Oh yeah - I hate to spend loads of cash on a pair of sunglasses.


So while squintily making the rounds today (after helping emdot pick out frames for her new prescription goggles) I recalled recently seeing a sign in the window of Urban Outfitters that said "All sunglasses $10."


Like I said, I hate to pay alot for glasses, but I figured I could bite the bullet and fork over $10 in exchange for a few more months of eyesight.


Sure enough, the sign was still there. I walked in and headed directly upstairs for the clearance/bargain section, which is the only place I ever really look in Urban Outfitters. To my pleasure I find some glasses there that I actually like, and even better, they are marked down from $20 not to $10, but to $4.99.


These glasses remind me of some of my favorite glasses ever, some antique US Army issues which I found at a yard sale in L.A., but which, of course, soon broke.


These look like reproductions of those same glasses, and at $4.99 and with my history, I decide that I may as well pick up 3 pair and that way have a backup supply to last me at least through the Summer.


So I make my way back downstairs to the cash register, near which I find the actual "All sun glasses $10 display." There are no pairs of the cool glasses I found upstairs, just ugly, more expensive ones.


At the register the girl say's something about me really liking the glasses, and I tell her my tale of sunglass woe. She looks up after ringing one pair up and say's "Well I think you're going to be really happy, because these are discounted."


I say "I know, only $4.99", and she tells me "No, they have been further reduced, to $1.99."


I hesitate a few seconds before turning around and heading back up the stairs. There were no more green pairs, but I got some brown pairs and 1 black pair for good measure.


I ended up with 8 pairs, and for some reason one pair only cost .10c, so I got 8 pairs for $14.03 (before tax).


My fear now is losing the 7 pairs I'm not using. I need to make a sunglass dispenser. Or have an extra pair that I always keep in my car, one extra pair that I always keep in my bike bag, maybe a few pairs in a time capsule, etc....

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Taken on June 9, 2009