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Amazon says this is the best novel in the world ever. | by Ed Yourdon
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Amazon says this is the best novel in the world ever.

Seriously. I looked up the title of the book on Amazon, and here's what it said:


"Taxation has been abolished, the government has been privatized, and employees take the surname of the company they work for. It's a brave new corporate world, but you don't want to be caught without a platinum credit card--as lowly Merchandising Officer Hack Nike is about to find out.


"Trapped into building street cred for a new line of $2500 sneakers by shooting customers, Hack attracts the barcode-tattooed eye of the legendary Jennifer Government.


"A stressed-out single mom, corporate watchdog, and government agent who has to rustle up funding before she's allowed to fight crime, Jennifer Government is holding a closing down sale--and everything must go.


"A wickedly satirical and outrageous thriller about globalization and marketing hype, Jennifer Government is the best novel in the world ever."



Note: I chose this photo, among the 5 that I uploaded to Flickr on the evening of Apr 17, 2012, as my "photo of the day." How could I do otherwise -- after all, it displays the best novel in the world ever.

Note: A large percentage of my "landscape" photos (including the ones in this set) are now copyright-protected, and are not available for downloads and free use. You can view them here in Flickr, but if you would like prints, enlargements, framed copies, and other variations, please visit my SmugMug "Portland Farmer's Market" gallery by clicking here.




This was taken at the Portland Saturday market, down in the Skidmore section of Portland - between VooDoo Donuts and the banks of the river. For a New Yorker, it seemed like a combination of Washington Square Park and an Upper West Side street fair ...




I'm spending the two months of April and May, 2012 in Portland, OR ... and I brought my camera(s) with me to record my observations and impressions of the city. I've been here on random occasions since


the mid-1970s, mostly for short business visits to high-tech computer companies, as well as a couple of recent family visits. But I don't really know much about the city, other than what I've recently read in this Wikipedia article; if you skim through it, you'll know basically as much as I do about the place.


I'm staying in a condo in the "Pearl District" section of northwest Portland, which seems to have a lot of renovated lofts and warehouses, as well as a bunch of shops and restaurants. It doesn't seem to be the richest or the poorest part of town, nor is it the center of the most liberal hippies or the most conservative folks. But I'm starting to wander into other parts of the city, and hopefully I'll gradually accumulate a bunch of different photos of the people, the buildings, the landmarks, and all of the other details that make Portland different than ... well, at least different from New York City.

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Taken on April 15, 2012