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Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness. | by Ansel Edwards Photography
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Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness.

Day 13/365


. I had to use this quote somewhere. It's from one of my favourite movies, and arguably one of the best Tarantino flicks around. Certainly a classic. I think the quote fits this SHEPHERD (hehe) perfectly. As almost everyone knows, these dogs will lay by your side in your darkest hour, they will lick your wounds seeping sadness and dry your eyes with their coat, and best of all look at you in the morning like you never faltered. Unlike children, they will think the world of you for their entire life. From the time they enter this world as tiny cashmere balls of energy until the day that they lay their gray beard upon your lap and let out one final cathartic sigh, they will idolize you and literally live to serve you. It's pretty obvious why they're referred to as man's best friend but you don't truly understand that concept until it's too late and you've watched a lifecycle begin and come to a tragic end all in the span of your childhood. But like any experience, you do not truly understand it until you have overcome the situation. Sadness and grieving as a child is invaluable as there will surely be a time later in life where one will be forced to reconcile with death and loss. Nothing lives forever and furthermore to speak very generally, to have a set of preconceived notions or ideas is a very dangerous thing. Yes, it may saturate our lives with confidence and reality, but it also inhibits our creative abilities as well as creates a barrier of which must be crossed in order to experience change or growth. Growth is change and vice versa. Once one achieves the realization that change is unavoidable and alteration of our perceived reality is inevitable, we can begin to be at peace. The most difficult part though is being able to accept that limitations most likely do not exist. Speaking small scale, of course they exist- for example the world is only so large, well yes technically the earth has a specific volume but to speak of the world as everything, the only thing we know for sure is that we do not know and that there is an observable universe. This concept shattered my perception upon researching how possibly infinite space is. To think that while we sit in our house of a set size there is an encasing around us that potentially continues forever is unsettling. But when you really look at it, our body is just a shell for our brain. Our brain is a shell for every emotion, thought, perception, speculation and concept that we deem as tangible, in a figurative sense. AND even further, those thoughts, feelings and perceptions are a shell for our subconscious that almost seamlessly dictates the manner in which each of these things come to light within an individual. So does that mean that the innermost 'object' is actually in control of every larger 'object' for without that nucleus, so to speak, there is nothing. It is all very concerning, and these topics of unprofessional, angst ridden philosophy that I find myself pondering and growing frustrated with, perhaps even mildly insane at times since I repeatedly put myself in a paradoxal state of mind that leads me into circles with no plausible answer in sight, are what we will come to understand as society as a greater mass in the future, I think. You could always say that the answer to my madness is accepting and consciously stating that I know nothing. Now that is only true in context, and in terms of perspective of course, but does that mean that since I have come to a conclusion that there is in fact a conclusion, and if there is a conclusion then I am not, in fact, insane. But for an individual to claim their own sanity, is often to be insane. And with that concept in mind, I am sent back into a spiralling frenzy of thought discrediting my theories but also proving the theory that we, compared to our perceived infinity, know nothing and that we are responsible for influencing anything we choose, or desire to influence with infinite possibility...


. Anyway, I took this shot in Niagara as well yesterday after touring a winery and met this friendly dog at a garden centre run by a quaint pair of seniors who undoubtedly have channeled their inner cozy-ness to create a store which creates the feeling of just that. One would feel at home just by stepping foot indoors. From the cats and dogs to the cliché coasters displaying messages of encouragement, it was home for these two.

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Taken on October 15, 2012