Mecca / Haram mosque & holy places
We were several individual who wanted to live together a spiritual retreat and a cultural quest, at the roots of our Islamic faith, in company of inclusive Muslim brothers and sisters. The aim of this trip was to offer participants a unique experience, filling them of positive energy, at the source of the Islamic culture.

Our inclusive group of “'Umrah of Tawheed 2012” was made ​​up of Muslims from Europe, North Africa and North America; inclusive, progressive, reformist Muslims, supporting an appeased, egalitarian and gender-neutral representation of Islam.

We were accompanied in this quest, alhamdouliAllah, by a great woman of contemporary Islam: Dr. Amina Wadud - who is an Imam, a theologian and a Hadja -, that throughout this journey embodied with us the peaceful share of the Islamic spiritual quest. Such was the history of our inclusive pilgrimage to the sources of Islamic Liberation...

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