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Self portrait – We all get sucked in | by MattysFlicks
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Self portrait – We all get sucked in

This is a composite image / photo illustration. I shot the images for this and started editing it last October. I'm not particularly happy with the execution, but the ideas is still there. When I was editing it made me think about downside of technology, how the world around me had changed since mobile internet devices and social media became prevalent and that maybe I should just stay off the internet and enjoy living in the real world. I could rant on and on about the negatives and all the messed up things I've experienced, but have very few positive things to say about it other than it's convenient. In the long run... I personally think these technologies will end up causing more problems than they could possibly offer solutions to.


I miss the kids who would hang out at the corner store, vandalizing, fighting and causing trouble. I miss the days when complete strangers would interact with each other in public, instead of opting to stare into uncomfortably tiny screens. And most of all... I miss the uninterrupted and meaningful interactions that I used to have with family and friends.


I shot the photos with a SMC Pentax-A 50mm 1.7 set to f/8 attached to a Sony a6000 set to 1/160th at ISO 100. For lighting I used a Yongnuo yn-560ii in a 3x2ft square soft box umbrella to the front left of myself at a 45 degree angle and a Yongnuo yn-460ii in a 3x2ft square soft box umbrella to the rear right at a 45 degree angle. The same setup was used to shoot the arm and Ipad. The photos were edited in photoshop CS6 and GIMP and the typography was done in Illustrator.


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Uploaded on April 6, 2015