Grassroots Comics Training Course 2011
This training course intoduced a method of grassroots comics and how to use it in youth work. By organizing this training course we wanted to encourage young people to take initiatives in their local communities and influence on things by using this widely used method of comic making.

In this course participants learnt how to use comics and storytelling with youth. One needs only a paper, pen and story to tell. Grassroots method was used also for promoting Youth in Action program among the youngsters around the Europe.

Grassroots comics have been used by organizations to focus on different issues, such as racism, sexual harassment, girl child rights, school drop-outs, hiv/aids, sanitation, and right to education. These are just a few examples. Any issue, on which one can make a story, can be expressed through grassroots comics. World Comics Finland (WCF) has introduced the method of grassroots comics in global education and in social work.

Trainer of the course was art educator Meri Mort.
Partcipants came from eight different European countries and this training course was supported by Youth in Action programme.

This set shows the marvelous work by the participants!

The project was supported by European Union Youth in Action -programme.
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