Cholera Thursday at Mirebalais
The delegation tours Mirebalais, Haiti and eyeballs the Nepalese base whose negligent disposal of their untreated diseased human waste brought cholera to Haiti. As of August 11, 2011 this imported disease has killed over 6,000 Haitians and infected over 370,000.

The next Zili Dlo waterpurification unit shall be installed in this area to combat the cholera epidemic directly, provide relief with human rights and dignity to the suffering victims.

The delegation was welcomed by a committee of concerned Mirebalais citizens working with affiliates of HLLN. The committee provide the delegation with statistics, history and the current environmental and human disaster imposed on Haiti by the UN troops.

Cholera center outside in Mirebalais hospital yard. It did not feel HUMANE to be so casually allowed in to see these sick patients in such states of undress and indignities. We shall only show covered patients solely for the purposes of underlying the UN's gross irresponsibilities in Haiti. Not more than 100 feet from this center the purveyors of death and disease in Haiti reside without qualms behind their UN immunity, sanctions, guns, gates and military powers.
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