Serge Roetheli
Serge Roetheli visits Kansas City, and goes for a near-epic run with Sophia Wharton and Ben Holmes.

The film about his adventures: "Beyond the Epic Run" is a documentary about a Swiss couple, Serge Roetheli and his wife Nicole. Serge spent five years running over 24,500 miles, on six continents, through 37 countries. Serge's wife (Nicole) was his support crew. She supported his quest and drove a motorcycle (with trailer) the entire distance.

This film is an inspirational gem. I would highly recommend it; you won't be disappointed!

By the way, Serge has performed a lot of other "epic" runs, in addition to this, including a run from Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina to Fairbanks, Alaska. And on top of that, he is a mountain climber and mountain guide, he was the 6-time Swiss boxing champion and represented them in the Olympics many years ago, and HE IS A REALLY NICE GUY.

Some of us had a chance to meet him while he was giving a talk in North Kansas City in April 2009. He is now a fulltime mountain guide, and stated that he HATES to run on pavement. He did say that he still enjoys to run on mountain trails, between climbing venues. My girlfriend (Sophia) asked him if he would like to go on a trail run with us. He called us the next evening, and said he would love to run with us, on a REAL trail.

So, very early in the morning we picked him up. We all ran a nice little 7-mile jaunt (in a thunderstorm) , on the muddy trails out at Wyco Lake Park. Sophia initiated him to Kansas City trailrunning with a "mud tattoo," which is her (our) Trail Nerd / Mud Babe way of inducting somebody into our strangely-tribal practices. It was a really good time, and we could tell that he enjoyed himself. He recovered from his run by drinking a can of Coke in the back of the car. He is now in New York City, hanging-out at the Swiss Embassy for a while, but we sent him off in style...he's now wearing Kansas City Trail Nerd schwag!

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