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VEGETARIAN BODYBUILDER WINS MASTERS MR. OLYMPIA & MR. UNIVERSE! - Vegan Vegetarian Plant Based Diet Muscle Protein of Albert Beckles | by Vegetarian-Vegan-Bodybuilding-Info
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VEGETARIAN BODYBUILDER WINS MASTERS MR. OLYMPIA & MR. UNIVERSE! - Vegan Vegetarian Plant Based Diet Muscle Protein of Albert Beckles

Study now shows that Lowcarb High Meat diets are linked to Dementia. Eating an Atkins style diet of meat, bacon, steak, etc can result in becoming demented.


Steak and barbequed meats have now been traced to throat cancer, and cancer of the human butt. (Put "Meat Colorectal Caner" into google and look if you don't believe it).


Ladies... An experiment was done about Body Odor, it turned out if your husband, or boyfriend, or your date is a big meat-eater, he'll tend to have horrible wretched body odor. Women rated vegetarian men "more attractive" and had less putrid B.O. The reason is meat is acidic and contains Sulphurus compounds (think of Egg burps). In fact, if you thought the old myth about legumes (beans) leading to gas, that was found false too! It turns out that's mainly meat-eaters as well!


What happens is, that you have different bacteria living in your gut. Meat eaters grow an offensive type of bacteria in their stomachs and intestines called Bacterioides. When you become a vegetarian, these offensive gut bacteria change and go away. Since decayed meat is not there to grow it. So after becoming a vegetarian your BO and smell changes for the better. And also, vegetarians now increase the proper enzymes and (good) bacteria that can properly digest all the baked beans you eat without the same level of smell or much more gas at all! In other words, vegetarians and vegans who eat beans don't have any problem. It's meat eaters who generate horrendous fart gasses that contain the horrible rotten egg sulphurus smells that make you cringe. Meat eaters blame the vegetables or vegans or the beans, but it's really them.


You see, meat and steak comes from cows that have diseases. So livestock farmers also shoot these cattle up with Antibiotics. In fact, the meat industry is consuming a whopping 70%+ of the world's pharmaceuticalgrade antibiotics! These are taken away from the resources that could be used to save and help human beings.


In other words, instead of medicines going to help children, or poor people, or humans, livestock farmers are using up 70% of the world's supply of medicines and antibiotics that are going to inoculate cattle! Why? Because animals get sick! The cows that you're eating are susceptible to being infected with disease. If you get organic meat, it can have diseases. Things like brucellosis, and scabies! This is what the livestock farmers don't tell you. Your steak may have had scabies.


But when meat farmers doctor up your steak with antibiotics, that means YOU are now ingesting residues of tetracyclines, and other drugs left in the meat. And guess what. That KILLS your gut bacteria. It doesn't just kill the bad bacteria, it doesn't know the difference. It kills the good bacteria too. The kind you need for digestion.


Have you heard the word Pro Biotics? Know what that is? Good for you, right? Well that's the OPPOSITE of an ANTI-BIOTIC. ProBiotics help bacteria. Antibiotics KILL bacteria. That's what an anti-biotic does. So you're out there buying foods that have Pro Biotics, then you come home and eat a piece of steak which has residues of pet-grade ANTI Biotics in it which just killed all your beneficial bacteria that you were trying to get. See the problem?


Well, those anti-biotics in steak and meat also kill the bacteria and destroy the enzymes you need to digest food. So a meat-eater is deficient, and lacking in the proper enzymes and good bacteria. A meat-eater's gut is now destroyed, and then the meat sits there and putrifies inside a man's (or womans) insides. And then you smell him in the bathroom. It's horrible.


Vegetarians do not have this problem. Vegetarians have healthy pro biotic bacteria, that are not killed off, and enzymes that are intact. And can digest plants, legumes, tubers, beans and vegetables with no problem. Also vegetarians get more FIBER which meat is deficient in. So men who eat meat are better-smelling, and don't stink up the rest room, have less problems with stuck constipation like beef eaters, and get less growths around a man's underside like a barbeque-eating man will have.


Didn't know this? Well, just type "Vegetarian vs Meat Eater Body Odor Attractiveness" into google and you'll find out.


Meat Eaters also have horrible bad breath. Lowcarb Atkins high protein dieters have it even worse. Lowcarb diets result in a condition called Ketosis, which is a lack of and deficiency in carbs which produces what are known as Ketone bodies in the mouths of Lowcarb Diet people. This is why their breath smells so bad. It's like sour and rotted. Like something died in there when you wake up in bed and get a whiff. This is why women doing crossfit have such horrible brath and body odor. Crossfitters have horrible bad breath and B.O. because they often got duped by the now known debunked Paleo fad Diet, which has lots of bad meat and is deficient in fiber and carbs. So they exercise and their body gasses and milky sweat contains offensive ketone smells.


This is why crossfitters smell so bad and why they can't seem to shower it off. It lingers like a gas cloud being secreted by their body all workday long. Not just during a workout. It's coming from their bodily tissues because of what they ate.


Please make a note of it. Tell others. Girls and Women... now you know never to fall for getting duped into crossfit. And if you have a girlfriend doing it, or worse, your man...tell them to get out of it as soon as possible, or your bathrooms, car, house, and bed are going to smell horrible.



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Taken on February 5, 2012