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One-Planet-Earth-Juice | by Barry Gourmet and Raw
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For any time of the day takes only 3 to 5 minutes to make, fast and easy ,Nutritious, Delicious, Cleanse


Earth Juicing for Health... what is it ? Written by Barry Gourmet & Raw © Copyright Aug. 9 2011


In my previous articles I would always make reference to my kitchen as being a Garden Kitchen. The reason is simple. On both sides of my kitchen you can see my garden in all directions through the windows. The only actual gardening that I would do in my kitchen is sprouting seeds, and nuts and grains for growing grass in dark corners of the kitchen away from direct sun light. But when you think of it my real garden is out side and not part of the my kitchen so now I have changed the name of the place where I do all my food preparations as my EARTH KITCHEN.


My definition of an Earth Kitchen is simple: Utensils for low heat ware is kept to a minimum such as a good Juicer,a glass Blender (I have 2 of them) a milling cup machine that works with the blender, a Steam basket stainless steal & Glass (Glass is better because it does not contain the ( Heavy metal Nickel that can be leached from Stainless Steal when heated) A one plate induction cooker, lots of glass jars including mason jars, lots of different size stainless steal colander straining baskets for rinsing of your produce and sprouting of your foods.

I will let you have one frying pan and a sauce pan but I will let you know ,how I use them in my food preparations for good health and wellness.

Lots of quality ceramic and glass dish ware (No Plastic) with wooden ,ceramic, utensils for the low heated foods and stainless steel for the room temperature foods. A few Good quality unbleached( Bleached White contains the Carcinogen Dioxin) Natural Fiber Matts and Towels used for Matt Sprouting and general clean ups.

Various wooden and tempered glass cutting boards, with quality culinary hand tools for basting,cutting, squashing, grating,mixing,measuring, and marination.

All biodegradable cleaning solutions such as Lemons, Limes, White Vinegar, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Powder (Non Aluminum)

Of course an Earth Kitchen will be very basic for a Raw Foo-dist Paradise in Heaven with no unnecessary distractions such as a TV, Radio,Micro Wave,Traditional Stove top burners, Oven ( with a few exceptions) Toaster, Broiler, Deep Fryer, Charcoal Barbecue, or any other high temperature kitchen contraption that is used for denaturing Natures Whole Foods in the name of Taste. Why does everything have to be so expensive, so time consuming,and so complicated ,when it comes to the culinary art of gourmet cuisine?

It is better to keep things simple, to save money, to save time in food preparation,and to enjoy the rainbow colored whole foods , and the delicious taste of whole food raw gourmet cuisine that is more healthy and flexible than any other culinary art in my opinion.


One Note : I do not use a Dehydrator simply because you want the high water content foods to

hydrate your body as much as possible we are are made of 90 percent water and there is a serious problem today with dehydration from processed dieting. All your digestive organs will have to work extra hard, using Enzymes to break down the cooked or dehydrated foods small enough for your body to assimilate the nutrients into your small intestine,where as fresh raw juice does not have this problem.

With better and more efficient assimilation of nutrients from Juice and Raw Whole Foods , your body will repair and recover faster from ailments and studies have proven this fact.

Most people when they start Juicing at home using their chosen ingredients of fresh raw Organic produce, become aware of how good Nature is in the Taste Department .And eventually also in the Health and Wellness Department as well , they just Feel Better.


You can not get the same benefits from store packaged juices because the retail giant knows that their product is often shipped around the world and needs to be treated with a long shelf life application such as , pasteurization that kills life giving Enzymes, Preservatives, Coloring, unreal Juice from Concentrate,High Fructose Corn Syrup, water, refined white sugar then stamped with an expiration date on the carton. Can you really call this juice from nature?

Are you really getting value for your money ? When you think of the Food Giants advertizing cost for product Label packaging , TV and media advertising, Storage,Shipping and then the Retail stores mark up on top of your juice product.

Who pays for all this ? Its not the Processed Food Giant ? It is YOU ! The United States government subsidized agricultural corn industry, along with the processed high fructose corn syrup manufactures are working hard to get the FDA (Food and Drug Administration ) to change the “High Fructose Corn Syrup” HFCS name to be changed to a new marketing name called “Corn Sugar” CS. The reason is simple. There is way to much bad publicity,and consumer concern affecting sales negatively. Enough people have lost trust and confidence in the product ,so industry is scrambling to change the name to something sounding more NATURAL to the consumer to boost sales.

IN contrast,Nature on the other hand does not care about what we think, or care about sales and profit what so ever. In fact nature can be very generous and giving to us with a bounty of food with out any conditions or interior motive. Like my mango trees and coconut ,and papaya trees giving so freely and so unexpectedly bumper crops of free food for my family , in exchange for just some water and soil amendments during the dry season.

Most people today buy for Convenience ,and this is the way our present standard of living has been set up for. It all comes down to supply and demand for the consumer.

Science and Studies have proven that for health and wellness there is no comparison between a store purchased juice and a freshly made juice produced in your Earth Kitchen. Lack of Convenience does not even factor in when you have scheduled the juicing time in to your daily routine, and you count the savings of your money,the health benefits and even the superior taste of freshly squeezed raw earth juice.

“When it comes to Juicing ,Mother Nature can not be fooled, and neither can your body.”

Here is just a few benefits to your Good Health for Raw Earth Juicing.


First and foremost you are delivering Oxygen,Life giving Enzymes,Green Chlorophyll (the blood of plants) bio available organic mineral and vitamins , Anti Oxidants,is very Alkalizing for your body,and has Blood Cleansing properties. All this and more from freshly squeezed Organic Earth Juices. You will not get the same benefit from store brands.

Freshly squeezed Organic Earth Juice, will most definitely help you to Lose your Excess Weight by giving you dense calorie nutrition to feed your cells by bypassing your overworked digestive organs ,and by misplacing the empty calories from processed foods.The high water content of Juicing even with out the fiber will stay with you and ward off the addictive cravings of processed sugar especially by adding the greens to your juice machine.

Did you know that over time your actual taste buds will change and adapt to your new way of feeding your body? Its True it happened to me and it happened to others as well.

Your body is never still. Cells are dieing and rebirthing from your bone marrow and other parts of your body continuously 24/7 . It is estimated that we have a new body every 7 years of our life so what you can do in the next 7 years or sooner in your life will make all the difference in the world for your Longevity ,Well Being and Good Health that you earned and worked for.

I know this because I have been there. I have seen my own body transformation from starting at over 220 pounds of body fat more than 30 years ago ,and over time about 1 year and a half years I dropped down to my ideal weight of 125 pounds of lean muscle. If you could only imagine what I used to look like standing only 5 foot 4 inches tall with all that kind of weight hanging from my body? Yes I know and can remember the the feeling I went through back

then ,and now I know , how powerful Juicing can be for losing undesired excess weight along with other uncomfortable symptoms . Of course I had and implemented a number of other strategies for total effectiveness.


If I can do it then YOU can DO IT as well ,and back then I did not have all the information and coaching that is available today in all the book stores and now is readily assessable today all over the internet.I do understand why there is so much Obesity and Declining Chronic Health issues in the modern world today , and this is why I have the passion today to write and to

reveal the opsticals that where in my way when I was struggling all that time with my weight. You can say that I am paying it forward , what ever it takes if I can just help one person to achieve their goal for better health.

Raw Organic Earth Juice is loaded with natural Phyto-Chemicals that disarm and destroy disease pathogens that make the body more immune resistant for better good health.These Nature made Phyto Chemicals that are so numerous in every peace of fruit or vegetable that it is virtually impossible for science to be able to isolate them all for patenting and that is a good thing for you and I ,because mother nature has been around a lot longer than man and all your health needs and answers will be with her.The juices Phyto Chemicals will activate co enzymes in your body to produce even more enzyme activity to address inflammation and other ailments.

What ever Juicer you buy , try to get one that has slow moving parts with quality of materials of NO or Less Petrochemical Plastics. This machine will and should be used often for the rest of your life , so you want to have a good one. I use a Samson Juice machine bought in Bangkok and shipped to my Earth Home in Phuket a famous resort island for tourists.

The less expensive faster juice machines will oxidize your juice destroying some of the nutrition , and the warranties are probably less time with little or no after sales support so I would go for the best one that fits your budget.

There is a serious health risk for consuming heated pasteurized juices ,including most cooked foods today. Science is still trying to figure it out and studies have backed up the phenomenon regarding the immune system bombarding the heated juice or foods with a high white blood cell count, by as much as 300 %. It is tantamount to your body rejecting the cooked product in your system ,treating it as if it was foreign and diseased and this is not a good thing. This phenomenon is called Digestive Leukosytosis and it occurs only when cooked or processed food has been digested. This forces the pancreas to release digestive enzymes that are lacking in the pasteurized juice , delaying the transit time and generally overburdening your digestive system. A simple solution to all of this would be to add some Raw foods to your cooked foods or juices no less then 50/50 to keep the Digestive Leukosytosis down to a minimum. 80 Raw and 20 cooked would even be more ideal.


The important thing about Earth Juicing is the ratio of fruit to vegetable for maximum nutritional and disease prevention support. Go for the Super Dark Greens in most of your juicing. I know about the bitter bad taste of greens believe me I know , but every Herbalist will tell you that the bitterness of foods are good for your Liver and acts like an over all cleansing tonic for your immune function support as well.

Stop!! before you go running away, there is good news to all this. It is the various fruits that you can add to the greens that will effectively ,neutralize or at least reduce the bitter after taste of the greens.

Depending on the Greens used I use the following Earth Fruits to naturally enhance the over all taste.

Banana, Mango, Coconut meat,and Coconut water , Pineapple (Proteolytic Enzymes Bromelain that are concentrated mostly in the stem and middle section of the pineapple) Papaya (Enzymes Papain)The seeds of Papaya are used for killing Parasites, Mangostein,Apple,Pear,Date,(Any of the root vegetables that are naturally sweet) Oranges, and may be a few that I have not mentioned here but the important thing is this.

The same formula above can apply to blended smoothies as well. It is a fact that every one has different taste buds , thats why we don’t all eat the same thing so experiment with your options to create the most delicious , and exhilarating Earth Beverage for your self ,and for our friends and family.

After juicing drink right away for best health results. Any of the left over juice can be stored in your refrigerator at the back where it is the coldest. Try to consume all of it in the same day for the best health benefits.


Barry s Tip for Juicing :I like to juice my greens first then add my selected sweet fruits later.This way I can slowly adjust up the correct amount of sweetness until I reach the desired taste that I am looking for.


One way to be Friends of the Earth by Recycling :


What to do with all that left over fiber from your juice machine? Compost it of course! More than 15 years ago I purchased a manual Compost Tumbler machine to break down all my kitchen scraps ,grass clippings ,and yard waist . It is a great investment for Planet Earth and for your house hold as well,as all this biodegradable waste that normally would just go straight into our land fills gets properly treated at your home with no mess and no fuss.Sending your Kitchen and yard waste to landfills creates many environmental problems such as vermin contamination and related diseases , pollution of our water sheds and pollution of our air via incineration plants. When I worked for a Giant retail food corporation in Canada as a teen , I found it appalling to see how much good food was being compressed for shipment to the land fills. But that is just a drop in the bucket compared to all the house holds that do not compost at home. Compost Tumblers are the most efficient and easy to use and take up very little space and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and pricing to fit your home requirements. Personally I would invest only in a good Tumbler and not a Bin for the fastest compost results. Things to compost would be all your RAW not cooked kitchen scraps,your teas and coffee grounds, grass clippings, and soft yard waste like leaves and flowers. It is a good idea to add a bit of water for moisture now and then including some saw dust , and rich garden soil as starters for the living bacteria to work its charm. Also any inexpensive dry seaweed found often in Asian food markets helps to add missing iodine with the sea minerals that we rarely find in

food land crops.Just soak the sea weed in water and mix it in your blender and add what you need to the Tumbler. The rolling action of the compost tumbler daily ,helped by the aeration of all the air vents and holes on the tumbler will break down your biodegradable waste into something resembling a dark rich loamy soil that will easily dry out once it is dumped onto the ground to further mature into a fine green compost.

I advise not to use any animal products, cooked foods or anything that does not come directly from Nature. We all know that perishable produce can spoil fast like bananas,and its a shame not to recycle this organic byproduct back to nature to nurture our garden , and edibles for a safer food,and to be Friends of the Earth.


“The wonderful thing about composting is you never know what nature will surprise you with.”

Some times seeds or nuts will actually germinate inside the com poster under certain conditions. After spreading my compost all over my garden , I noticed after a few days that lots of the same looking plants that eventually turned into trees where every where. Not that I am complaining or anything,in-fact I am delighted to say the least. Today I have year round organic Papaya with no end in sight , I have been blessed by Nature.

Earth Juice ingredients from the Photo:


2 Carrots medium size. 1 cup of chopped Beet Root. 1 stalk of Fennel 1 stalk of Celery 1 stalk of kale or your favorite leafy green.

1 hand size ripe tomato. 1 whole Apple (Organic) A small hand full of your favorite mixed fresh herbs such as ,Sweet Basil,Chicory,Mint. One teaspoon of half ground cinnamon powder and one half to one tea spoon of your favorite Green Super Food powder such as Chlorella, Spirulina,Wheat or Barely Grass, powdered Sea Vegetable.

Feed all the ingredients through your juice machine stir and pour into a glass. You can sprinkle a bit of black pepper on top to give yourself as much as 600 percent nutritional assimilation according to research studies.

This will taste extremely BITER to your taste buds, but don’t worry it actually is a cleansing Liver tonic that is good for your body even if it tastes bad. All bitter Green foods have alkaloids and Chlorophyl (The Green Blood of Plants) that makes the juice taste Bitter.


The next step is easy just juice more sweet apple into the collection chamber and taste for each apple. Sooner or later you will find out what is just right for you. Apples are very good for you as they are high in Malic Acid and Pectin for Liver support. They taste delicious ,but they have to be ORGANIC because this fruit is at the top of the list for one of the highest sprayed chemical cash crops do date. And don’t think your safe by pealing the skins of conventional apples because all crops are Systemic. Systemic means that the roots of every plant absorb and draw the good and the bad stuff up into their internal fibers and chlorophyl. Biotech Science knows this as researchers routinely, use the root systems of plants to inoculate their chemicals into them for research so all the scrubbing ,washing, rinsing, bio soaping, and what ever will make no difference in the chemical load of the produce. Just buy Organic as much as you can ,and eat a rainbow diet with lots of different everything to reduce your exposure to the toxins.

So by slowly adding Organic apples we, bring the juice from Bitter ,to Bitter Sweet, to Sweet and you will find just the right amount of Apple to make the fresh juice palatable and delicious to your discerning taste buds.

It is important not to gulp the juice down , but instead to savor it in your mouth , to enjoy every moment as the enzymes in your mouth will mix with the juice, and give you more immune support.


“Enjoy your Living Foods in Juicing for Life” Barry Gourmet & Raw


Barrys Good Earth and Weight Loss Tip:

When shopping for your selected produce for your juicing pleasure , it is important to go for the greens. For example did you know that most of the Phyto Chemical Super Green Nutrition

is all in the Beet tops and Carrot tops of any root vegetable out there. It is true and known by all Herbalists , Natural path Doctors ,and Scientists backed by studies that the real power of nutrition are the Leafy Green Tops that grow above the ground.

But the problem is, and I hope that its not in your case many or all Root Greens are removed before the produce even gets to the market or retail store. Unfortunately for me some person in charge of all this decided to remove all root greens from all vegetables before shipment to all the stores in the country. What can one do? So I cut the growing ends of my carrot and beet and replanted them by sticking the roots in the soil in my garden, and in a few days I have small but edible tasty greens .

All my Juices including my Fruit Juices that are made less of all contain Leafy Greens that are rotated constantly for maximum nutrition and immune support because eating the same or same group of greens will eventually cause problems as one single green has its own unique potent chemical Alkaloid that could potentially cause a toxic side effect to sensitive individuals. So mix them up , rotate them, and enjoy the taste in combination of a selected fruit of your choice and for continued vibrant health.


For years the mineral Calcium has been in the spot light across the board with the general population but unfortunately the one mineral that did not receive deserved attention was the essential mineral Magnesium. In fact Calcium and Magnesium bind together to support and build your bones and marrow ,with Calcium by itself useless with out the mineral Magnesium. Our modern diet is seriously deficient in the mineral Magnesium and the 2 best ways of getting it are....... Dark Green Leafy land produce and Sea Vegetables (Sea Weed).Both dark leafy greens and edible seaweeds like kelp,wakame,nori,chinese,brown,dulse to just name a few are also good sources of the following nutrients.Iodine from Sea weeds, plus the proper ratios of the mineral organic sodium and potassium is in good supply along with the land vegetables such as celery, tomato,leafy greens,and other whole food fruits and vegetables.All very alkalizing to your body, with high water content, dietary fiber,and anti inflammation ,that will make you feel full and stay with you to help you with your weight loss program.

Above I have just mentioned natural healing foods that contain the essentials like bio available Calcium,Magnesium,Iodine,Sodium and Potassium and this is just the tip of the ice berg as these foods contain thousands of more nutrients and complex proteins and co factors that work together in your body for your good health. Fact is eating these kinds of foods regularly in your diet will help keep you regular, and curb your cravings for the addictive processed baked goods, junk foods,sodas, and most anything else that does not come directly from nature and wow can this be. It is very simple. The human body never stays the same , as cells are dying and rebirthing constantly 24 /7 it is called aging but it can be slowed down and it can be manipulated by correct eating and supporting life style. In time your own taste buds will change, and like myself if you actually make the effort and transition, over you will wonder to your self how could I have actually eaten that stuff back then?

You will think of how you feel now today , and how you felt back then. Of course this will not

be the same for every body as people are at different ages , levels of health and fitness.


From the Earth Desk of Barry Gourmet & Raw:

You may think from viewing my photo and reading my above article,that I am a Raw Vegan ? Actually even though I do practice Raw Vegan often in my life, I am actually a Semi Raw Vegetarian Based person that connects with Nature by consuming whole foods with very selected animal based proteins mainly from the Ocean on occasion.

At one time in my life for every day for almost 4 years I was a strict Vegan (meaning no meat including honey). But later I found out that I had no choice but to give up on the strict Vegan life style.

But I have to say a lot for Vegan Living for , Cleansing,Detoxing, Losing Weight, Fasting ,plus a huge grocery list of benefits for disease prevention, and treatment for recovery and wellness.

A Vegan life style still has a serious place in my life and I can easily go days or even weeks as a Vegan with no problem what so ever.

I will explain to you about my personal experience with nutrition ,and wellness in my next article in much more detail very soon.

Vegan vegetarianism plus transitional dieting plans are practiced often in Health ,Wellness, and Detox Retreats around the world today. A lot of them are located on exotic tropical islands like Phuket Thailand. My Phuket home happens to be centrally located near all the top Thai Spas, Detox Centers, Health and Wellness Retreats and Thai Cultural Temples and markets.

I will be posting an article soon with a list of what I think are the best places for booking, that delivers Results,Value, Affordability, and Services to you.I am only offering this information to you and nothing more thats it.

I hope that you enjoyed my content and life experience with Weight Loss Tips , Wellness ,Delicious Gourmet Earth Cuisine and Recipe ideas and everything else in between? With that said , I am now very excited and happy to inform you that in the near future about the end of this year or latest beginning of next year 2012 ,Barry Gourmet & Raw will open his new Wellness Garden Retreat for your holiday pleasure, and for your good Health and Happiness. Our Tropical accommodation will be exclusive to you our special guest and guests that will include the best of the best for Privacy,Value ,Price,Services,Results,and Happiness for your stay on beautiful Phuket Island with us. For postings and updates, you can send an email to Barry at

You can even Google and Yahoo “Barry Gourmet” or “Barry Gourmet and Raw” for more information for free Recipes and Tips on Weight Loss and Healthy Tropical Living ,if you like? Barry will return all your inquiries and answer all your questions about Phuket Island and relevant information to his amazing Health and Wellness Life Style protocols.


“ Living Life as Nature intended for True Happiness to share with all” Barry Gourmet & Raw

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