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Dreamjournal: Throwaway Tron Kid | by Patrick Sean Farley
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Dreamjournal: Throwaway Tron Kid

I was a homeless teenage girl living in the back alleys of Cupertino in 1982. A sleazy computer programmer (Jeff Bridges' character from the movie Tron, exhibiting a side of him we didn't see in the movie) kidnapped me and used me as his first experiment in the "digitizing of people." I was blasted into the "cyber world" which at first made me angry. Eventually, I came to realize that this was actually better than living on the streets of Cupertino. Eventually I discovered another girl-program my own "age" (actually she was only about 3 months old... She was a runaway program, originally intended to be a library reference lookup daemon. In the logic of the Tron universe, she looked like her "user" -- a sexy lesbian librarian, only dressed in a luminous tour-bike Lycra ensemble. She still had the cat-eye glasses. Hotness!) Together, we created two pairs of luminous roller skates that enabled us to zip through the cyber-cities at wonderful speed, zigging, zagging, snatching valuable bits of data from unaware programs and skating away too fast for the Recognizers to catch us. I had a big crush on her. Time passed -- hard to tell, as it was always nighttime in the Tron world...


We eventually came to a small alcove in a pixelated wall, in which we found a small museum devoted to all things Werner Herzog. (Bear in mind that this was 1982, so his most recent film was Fitzcarraldo. ) The proprieter of the museum (which was actually a primitive Usenet group about Werner Herzog) was a kindly old program who looked like a balding college professor. He allowed us to go "upstairs" where we watched a little bit of Land of Silence and Darkness, a documentary about people who are both deaf and blind. This version, however, was set to a pounding electro-clash soundtrack.


Somehow the Librarian and I fell to the floor (in slow motion, like feathers) and started kissing. I'd wanted to do this for how many system cycles? I was shivering, hard. Our clothes evaporated. We were half-naked on a hard luminous floor, in public. Not the place I would have expected us to consummate our attraction to each other. Hours passed. The ambient lights of the matrix shifted red, then orange... then pulsed aquamarine. The owner of the establishment asked us, sheepishly, if we would mind leaving. We agreed, and as we were leaving we heard programs in the street chattering excitedly that the Master Control Program had been destroyed. We were free! Cool, I thought. I looked at my Sexy Librarian and we smiled at each other like idiots in love.

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Uploaded on April 1, 2006