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Zombie survival sheet (Xan's Version) | by Xan - Now on Airsoft
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Zombie survival sheet (Xan's Version)

In an apocaliptic Madrid, Xan (also known as Rodri) has fortified his home (the attic of his urbanization).

Equiped with a stolen tactical AK, dual compact shotguns and a crowbar, he resists the continuous attack of the zombies.

His escape way is his trial bike, stored in the garage, heavily fortified too.

But now he has to leave the place and find some survivors if he don't want to go crazy. So while listening "Burn this city" form Sonic Syndicate, he's packing in his backpack the basic neds for the situation: a pair of Ak mags, 500 5.57 rounds, some ammo for the shotguns, a medpack, a silencer for his gun and some batteries.

Once ready, he desses up with his swat vest and military trousers. He puts the boots on, and take the snow glasses and his bonnet.

He's ready to go, but first check the AK and the shotguns and call Isaac.


Driving at the city, he hopes not to find Alma, that could be dangerous...for the time being...



Thanks to Thebadpanda for the shotguns image

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Taken on July 27, 2011