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The Old Seely Place | by Uncle Phooey
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The Old Seely Place

Remember the old Seely place? No? Well, sit with me for a while and I'll tell you about it. It was once the home of Gloria Seely, an 81 year-old retired school teacher and spinster. She inherited the stately old farm house from her parents, being an only child, and had lived there alone her whole life. In spring of 1958, Miss Seely hired a vagabond fresh from a passing railroad car (unknown to her) to do some odd jobs around her house. The next Sunday, she was missed at church. Miss Seely never missed church. Two of her lady-friends took it upon themselves to visit, if for no other reason than to make sure the spinster Seely was in good health. They found the front door standing wide and was able to rouse no one inside. They promptly called the police who investigated and found no trace of the old woman nor her yard man. No sign of any struggle or foul play, the beds were made and the house was as prim as any lady her age would have it.


A few weeks later, Miss Seely's niece Darla arrived, an only child too, and only heir to the Seely estate. She proceeded to make herself at home in the house, arranging the furniture to her liking, tossing this horrid little thing but keeping those pretty little things she fancied.


Almost immediately, Darla started noticing strange happenings in the house. Things were going missing sometimes, especially in the kitchen. Every couple of days, she would go to the kitchen to find a cupboard door slightly ajar, something she did not ever remember doing. And there were sounds. Bumps and muffled rattles occurred when she awoke in the middle of the night. She began to wonder if the old house had rats. Determined to solve the mystery of these nighttime occurrences, Darla decided to stay up one night, although she was dearly afraid of the dark, to say nothing of her fear of rats. Silently she waited just inside the dining room, with a broken broom handle which she thought sturdy enough to crack the noggin of any old rat that might show up.


An hour passed, then two, and she began to get sleepy. Suddenly, she heard creaking and was instantly awake. Crouched and ready, shaking and frightened, she waited for the rat she knew would come. From the corner of her eye, she saw the door to the stairway move, and out came a little wiry, twisted, weasle-like man quietly sneaking towards the cupboard. Unable to stand it any longer, she screamed, threw the broom stick into the air and raced from the house in her nightgown. Straight to the neighbor's she went and summoned the police.


Upon arrival, the policeman and his deputies searched the house and found no trace of the intruder. Darla was insistent of what she saw and demanded they search again. While searching the old spinster's spare bedroom, the deputy happened to notice a cubbyhole in the ceiling of the closet. Pushing the board away from the hole, a foul stench assailed the deputy's nose and he called the others. In the cramped attic, the officers found trash, empty tin cans, clothing remnants and a tattered blanket. They also found the spinster Seely. Or what was left of her. Wrapped in a blanket in one corner was a collection of bones. The weasle-like man had been living for weeks in the attic, surviving on the flesh of the old spinster. When the bones were picked clean, he had quietly sneaked down in the middle of the night to raid the kitchen for food, living for weeks above the unsuspecting neice.


They never found the monstrous little man. He escaped and was never seen again. Darla fled back to the city, never daring to return to the old farm house. There it still sits, having fallen into decay over the years, as passersby whisper of the horrors of the old house on the hill.


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