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I just want to be happy. | by .bravelittlebird
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I just want to be happy.


i'd like to just thank Shandi-lee and Hey Summer for

their tearjerking testimonials (': You two are amazing,

those came out of nowhere-I wasn't expecting anything

like that at all. I wish I could hug you guys right now (x

They really made my day. Ahh, lol. :D <333


Second, i've been 'tagged' a few times since last time I

logged on and I think i've got a few questions to answer

as well, but if you dont' want to read everything, at least

read the last small paragraph. here we go (:


hey summer: what is your favorite thing in the world?

lol girl yu kiddin' right? seriously there is not just ONE thing

that is my favorite :3 but, if I honestly had to choose, it'd be...

being in a peaceful state, just reminiscing on my life and

daydreaming about my future. It's even nicer if i'm laying on

the grass under a cloudy sky. (:


aishia capture: where's your favorite place to be?

!n ur r00m, cr33p!n und@h y0 bl@nk3t$ oh god what if I

actually typed like that? you all would leave me D: ok, ok

errg, i'll act mature about this! This really nice park in a town

three hours away from where I live. It's really peaceful and

the trees there have big, beautiful pink flowers. AND they

have ducks. DUCKS. In a LAKE.


Light in The Air: If you could see yourself anywhere in

the future, where would you be? What would you be doing

and where?...stripper. lol. Okay, don't ROFL at me, but

I would like to be an actress, even though i'm kinda shy. I do

daydream about that more often than I actually just realized

right now. BUT if that never comes true, i'd either be an anchor

for the valley's (area where I live with a bunch of cities with a

ton of Mexican culture/influence) best news channel because

I do the news at my school, OR i'd own a sweet little indie

looking camera shop where I'd sell modern and vintage cameras,

film, camera straps, take pictures, give lessons, work with little

kids..that'd be pretty cool 'cos there's nothing like that here.




alexa: What's your favorite song?

oh noes, the impossible question D: damn you -.- lol uhm,

at the moment my favorite song is 'Turbo Swag' and 'Smokahontas'

by Attack Attack! Oh, and that only girl in the world song by's catchy. :3 Eh, couldn't choose 1. :c


brooklynxX: Do you like your long hair?

YES. I love the length, but it's still not as long as I want it,

BUT i'm satisfied 'cos I had a bob about three/four years

ago and it's taken me THAT long to grow it all out. The only

cons are that I don't know how to style it up, and even though

I don't straighten it everyday/weekly I manage to get dry ends.

)': I'm happy you like my hair but please don't be jealous of it!

lol. it's very tedious to maintain n_n


Taylor;through a lens: Where does the inspiration behind

your photos come from? There is no secret to this. I do not

meditate. I do not ask Jesus to bless me with magical fingers

upon which I molest photoshop or my camera. It's when i'm really

bored in my class and start daydreaming weird stuff that become

ideas for photos lol. That's how I came up with the idea for my last

photo. c:


under.the.radar.: I am not gorgeous or talented!!!! I don't

say that so people will protest, honest o: I'm actually earnest

about that. but thank you morgan c: Actually, just two days ago,

I had to take my snakebites off because I was going to talk with

the the few hours they were off, the holes closed

so I no longer have my piercings )': lol I cried for 30 minutes. I miss

them a little, but it's less worrying now but when I had them they

never hurt (: Only when I bit the metal part on the inside by accident

while eating food. >_<


Sorry everything was so descriptive, I guess that's what happens

when i'm gone from flickr for a week. You've got my utmost respect

if you actually read all that junk lol, but even if you didn't i still love you

:D Meaning behind this photo? I've been fine for a while now, but never

in a true state of complete happiness. Reasons? Stress from school,

stress from boyfriend. Mostly stress from boyfriend. Ugh. I hope you

guys are enjoying life and watching adventure time. You. BETTER. be.

watching. adventure time. |: why haven't you guys come to mow my

arms??? I will pay you GOOD MONEY. $$$

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Taken on January 22, 2011