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The Giant | by magmaangel
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The Giant

When the warrior-turned-giant swung his sword at the Pirate Queen, she used her magical sword, rumored to have been taken from a magical well in the Enchanted Forest from a sleeping princess. The sword had spent so much time in the Enchanted Forest that it was infused with faery magic and withstood the giant's onslaught. This gave the Pirate Queen a little bit of time to think.


The Pirate Queen took from her pouch a magical bean she had once ... liberated .... from the Goblin Market. Knowing that she had only one chance, she threw the bean at the raging giant who had once been her friend. It bounced off of his forehead and fell to the forest floor at his feet. They both stared in wonder when a massive beanstalk sprouted from the bean and grew toward the clouds and beyond.


Down from the beanstalk came a young man, a golden harp under his arm. The Pirate Queen stared in dismay. A boy and a harp? Now what should she do? The newcomer seemed oddly calm as he called out, "Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum! This man is no giant and no Englishman!"


The Pirate Queen agreed. "He's a famous warrior - you might have heard of him - he killed seven in one blow! We got on the wrong side of an enchantress and she turned him into a raging giant!"


The young man waved a hand to dismiss her concern. "He'll be fine. Just let him listen to this magic harp for a few minutes and he'll calm right down. Name's Jack, by the way. Where did you get that bean?"


The Pirate Queen shrugged. "Goblin Market. Seemed like it might be useful."


"Well, Pirate Queen, you have broken two curses this day! That was the last missing bean. I was banished to the Land of the Giants due to my theft of the harp and the unceremonious killing of a couple of giants. Only when the last bean was found could I go home again!"


As they spoke, the harp's melodic tones had taken the battle rage from the warrior, who was once again himself, albeit a much taller version of himself.


When the Pirate Queen finished explaining what had happened, the warrior took one look at Jack and asked, "So, you're that kid that sold out the farm for some magic beans?"


Jack nodded. "That's me. Jack and the Beanstalk!"


The warrior shook his head. "Hey, I've got a magic apple I found at the Goblin Market. Want to trade it for the magic harp?"


Jack's nodded enthusiastically. "Sounds like a great deal! I'm in!"

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Taken on April 29, 2012