Unleashed Devices
1st September - 22nd October 2010

Unleashed Devices is an exhibition of DIY, hacking and open source projects by artists who explore technologies critically and creatively. By reconstructing, remixing and reinventing everyday electronic devices, artists shift our vision of the use of data and purpose of technology. These devices become the site of creative productions for a new lease of life. Playing with frontiers, such projects not only challenge our conception of technology but also music, art and design. Here, they reveal the power of DIY modes as tools, communities and sharing as forms of social reflection and participation.

New ways of engaging with the spectator is a core concern. Unleashed Devices includes playful installations, interactive electronics-sculptures, movement tracking artworks, performances, as well as coding and hardware based artworks. Artists developed different modes of visualisation taking their sources on the visitor and its actions, creating innovative media installations and new experiences.
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