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488/1 #0268-35 M.ANTON IMP Mark Antony brockage Denarius | by Ahala
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488/1 #0268-35 M.ANTON IMP Mark Antony brockage Denarius

Denarius. late 43BC. 3.54grams. Cisalpine Gaul camp Antony mint. Julius Caesar & Mark Antony. Crawford 488/01 M.ANTON IMP. Obverse: hd Antony r, lituus, M.ANTON IMP. Reverse: brockage of obverse. Scarce.

Dating and mint location as per Bernhard Woytek's, Arma et nummi, 2003



That this is 488/1 with the shorter legend M.ANTON IMP rather than 488/2 with M.ANTON IMP RPC can be seen from the vertical nature of the obverse inscription. The longer legend inscriptions curve clearly around the bottom of Antony's bust whereas the short legend inscriptions are vertical and more distant from his face and are positioned different. Compare for example the O of ANTON, at chin level this coin and below eye level on 488/2.

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Taken on October 16, 2006