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419/2 #9852-37 M.LEPIDVS Alexandria Lepidus crowns Ptolemy V Denarius | by Ahala
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419/2 #9852-37 M.LEPIDVS Alexandria Lepidus crowns Ptolemy V Denarius

Denarius. 58BC. 3.71grams. Rome mint. Aemilia. Crawford 419/02 M.LEPIDVS. Obverse: hd Alexandria r. Reverse: Lepidus crowning Ptolemy V. Rare. There is additional discussion of this coin on


Northumberland Smyth 1856:

A turreted female head, with a necklace, under which is the word ALEXANDREA. Rev: — M(arcus) LEPIDVS, PONT(ifex) MAX(imus), TVTOR REG(ius), S(enatus) C(onsultus), Lepidus, clad in senatorial vestments, places a diadem on the head of a togated youth, with a hasta-pura in his right hand. This alludes to the young king, Ptolemy V Epiphanes, being placed under Roman protection. This helped check the aggressions of Philip of Macedon and Antiochus of Syria in 199BC, who had intended to divide the Ptolemaic possessions overseas. From this coin it appears that M. Lepidus actually assumed the title of guardian of Ptolemy. This is a rare and very interesting coin.

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Taken on October 16, 2006