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39/1 #9936-36 Semilibral Diana Hercules Centaur Triens - pair of modern forgeries | by Ahala
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39/1 #9936-36 Semilibral Diana Hercules Centaur Triens - pair of modern forgeries

Modern Fake Triens. 217-215BC. Top item weighs 35.5grams, bottom weighs 42.17grams. Rome mint. Anonymous. Crawford 039/01 Semilibral. Obverse: hd Diana r. Reverse: Hercules fighting centaur. Scarce. This pair of fakes is of old manufacture since I bought the top one - as genuine in the 1990s. The bottom one was sold as a forgery in a 2011 auction.


When I put the two pictures side by side it is a matter of seconds to determine that the top picture (my item) cannot be an original.


The simplest item is the edge dots at obverse 2:30pm to 4pm that are missing from my piece and present on the other (acknowledged) fake. The fake can't have been copied from these unless there was an elaborate effort to correct the mould. Furthermore those edge dots are amongst the best visual demonstration of casting, with their shape on my piece being distorted and blending into each other.


Nowwhere on the surface of my piece is there any evidence of any strike. There is a uniform grainy experience on all surfaces with microdots throughout - there isn't the slightest area of flat struck surface on my piece.


On the reverse amongst many examples, if you look to the club of Hercules and the upper arm of Hercules, you see more complete and correct detail on the acknowledged fake than on my piece. There is a chunk missing from Hercules arm at top that is miraculously restored on arm of the bottom item!

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Taken in January 2009