2015: Summer - Relatively Speaking
Photos by:
Lisa Dunbar
Tom Pinnock

Relatively Speaking
written by Alan Ayckbourn
directed by Lorraine Biddlecombe.


Greg — Matthew Meehan
Ginny — Naomi Scott
Philip — Nick Coleman
Sheila — Marilyn Dunbar

For The Company:

Production Assistant — Sheila Hardiman
Stage Manager — Roger Hester
Asst. Stage Managers — Simon Grey; Terry James
Properties — Abby Brine
Lighting / Sound — Lionel Elliott; Rebecca Nye; Ben Williams
Costumes — Diana Mills
Front of House Manager — Geoff Dodsworth
Programme Design — Nick Coleman

RELATIVELY SPEAKING - programme note:
What could be better to celebrate Chameleon's 50th year than to present for you a play that is also 50 years old? Relatively Speaking is a gentle 'comedy of errors', chock full of mistaken identities and everyone talking at cross purposes.
In rehearsals, the deliberate confusions of the play often gave us a headache as we tried to understand the plot and grapple with how to present the characters in a believable way. I am sure that you will agree that our cast have managed this superbly well.
A big thank you to all the members who helped to present this evening's performance including Back Stage, Technical and the Front of House, Bar and Catering teams and to my Stage Manager, Roger Hester.
So now relax and enjoy a nostalgic trip back to the mid-Sixties.......
Lorraine Biddlecombe

" I wrote this play originally as a result of a phone call from the late Stephen Joseph, a truly remarkable man of the theatre, without whose unrelenting deadlines this would never have been written and to whom I dedicate the play, sadly, but with great affection. He asked me then simply for a play which would make people laugh when their seaside summer holidays were spoiled by the rain and they came into the theatre to get dry before trudging back to their landladies. This seemed to me as a worthwhile a reason for writing a play as any, so I tried to comply. I hope that I succeeded." Alan Ayckbourn
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