2015: Panto - The Wizard of Oz - The Pantomime
Photos by:
Alan Fry
Stuart Wineberg

The Wizard of Oz
written by L Frank Baum,
adapted by Emma Houldershaw and Samantha Cartwright,
script provided by Spotlight Publications,
directed by Geoff Dodsworth.

Programme Note:

Good evening and welcome to the Ritchie Memorial Hall for our Pantomime which is based on one of the classics from American literature - The Wizard of Oz.
Written by L Frank Baum and published In 1900 it stands in its own right as a fantasy story for children. There are, however, veiled references to the political landscape in America at the time - could the Yellow Brick Road and the Land of Oz have anything to do with the importance of the Gold Standard which was such an Issue in those days? The plight of Agriculture and Industry are well represented by Scarecrow and Tin Man. The Cowardly Lion apparently represented ineffectual leadership in these sectors at the time. In fact all of the characters are said to have their own allegorical references (well perhaps not Aunty Em!) We mustn't leave out Wizard. Who could he represent? Well, he's got his hands on the levers of power but he doesn't seem up to the job. Who could that be? Take your pick!
However, the aim of our show is simply to provide some uncomplicated entertainment for your enjoyment. A couple of hours of fantasy and fun, song and dance, colourful costumes and makeup - all the usual ingredients of a Pantomime as we take you through the familiar story.
It is quite a daunting task to direct a Pantomime when the bar has been set so high by previous productions, especially in this our 50th year. So I would like to pay tribute to the Chameleon Company as a whole who have contributed in so many different ways to bring this show to the stage. I would also like to thank and congratulate our juniors who have taken on some important roles in the telling of the story and made a great job of it. (Our next 50 years are in good hands!) And of course the adult cast who have brought their characters to life in such a delightful way

Cast In order of appearance:
Chorus / Munchkins - Ali Wineberg, Victoria Kimber, Izzy Apperley, Mia Drayton, Jack Eminton, Ben Holden, Chelsey Higgins, Grace Johnson
Harry - Abby Brine
Dorothy - Lisa Dunbar
Toto - Lei Lei Apperley
Auntie Em - Stephen Fenerty
Mrs West / Wicked Witch - Liz Strevens
Glinda - Sian Hayden
Scarecrow - Naomi Scott
Salt - Wayne Bradshaw
Pepper - Mike Morris
Tinman - Nick Coleman
Lion - Jenni Prior
Guard - Roger Hester
Wizard of Oz - Stuart Wineberg

For The Company:
Production Assistant - Merle Dodsworth
Stage Manager - Roger Hester
Assistant Stage Managers - Terry James, Lesley James
Properties - Marilyn Dunbar, Norma Hester
Lighting / Sound - Lionel Elliott, Tom Heald, Rebecca Nye, Paul Jones
Technical Adviser - Simon Grey
Front of House Manager - Lorraine Biddlecombe
Back Drop Design - Terry James
Programme Design - Nick Coleman
Programme Cover & Posters - Tom Pinnock
Photography - Alan Fry
CGI - David Wilkins
Make Up - Jan Bradshaw
Costumes - Diana Mills
Matrons - Diana Mills, Ali Wineberg, Gillian Wilkins, Karol Cooper
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