2014: Spring - Spring Happenings
3 One-Act Plays: Spring Happenings.

Photographs by:
Keith Taylor
Parentcraft by Stephen Smith

Four expectant mothers and one father find themselves in a small hospital room awaiting the midwife who is to give them their first Parentcraft class. Differences in experiences, outlook and class lead to some interesting and at times hilarious exchanges, as each of the five have to face, and come to terms with, the prejudices and foibles of their companions. An amazing revelation shocks them all!

Sharon – Leoni Frendo
Derek – Wayne Bradshaw
Susan – Gina McGee
Siobhan – Lisa Dunbar
Lesley – Martha Day Cunio

Director – Vince McKeown
Production Assistant - Norma Hester

Heavens Above by Diana Raffle

Sally is dead. Finding herself at the gates of heaven with a depressive and an ageing tennis player, she struggles to first disprove her demise and second to beg for another chance. Eventually, a clerical error made by a very overstretched celestial admin department gives her back the life that she realises she so desperately wants; however it’s not without its twist!

Larry – Stuart Wineberg
Sally Kent – Marilyn Dunbar
Bernice Blatchett – Naomi Scott
Melvin Potter – Nick Coleman

Director – Kelly Maiden
Production Assistant - Terry James

Chinamen by Michael Frayn

A farce about a catastrophic dinner party. Jo has asked a woman, her new hippy boyfriend and some other guests for dinner. Stephen has invited the woman’s deserted husband. The host of the party remarks that he has trouble telling his typical English friends apart, comparing them to the proverbial Chinamen who all supposedly look alike. The object is to keep the estranged husband and wife apart. They dine in two different rooms and manoeuver the guests so that these two are never in the same room. The play is a tour-de-force, with the two actors changing costumes and assuming new roles without apparent effort.

Jo – Gillian WIlkins
Stephen – David WIlkins

Director – Matthew Meehan
Production Assistant - Jenni Prior

For the Company:

Stage Manager - Mike Morris
Technical Consultant - Simon Grey
Lighting - Tom Heald
Sound - Lionel Elliott
Properties - The Company
Set Design - Terry James
Wardrobe and Costume Design - Diane Mills
Front of House Manager - Lorraine Biddlescombe
Front of House - The Company
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