2013: Summer - Ladies Down Under
Ladies Down Under by Amanda Whittington

Photographs by:
Godfrey Partridge

After hitting the jackpot at Ladies Day in York, the fish-filleting foursome are celebrating in style with the trip of a lifetime to Australia. As they travel from Hull to the Gold Coast, Uluru and the bright lights of Sydney, they embark on a journey of self-discovery. While Shelley dreams of luxury and glamour, her mates set their sights on exploring the outback. As Shelley sees there's more to Oz than sun-kissed beaches, Pearl finds herself with a mountain to climb.

Pearl - Marilyn Dunbar
Jan - Glen Partridge
Shelly - Gillian Wilkins
Linda - Mikki Jenman
Tom - Nick Coleman
Joe - Simon Grey
Bill - Godfrey Partridge
Ben - David Wilkins
Shane - Nick Coleman
Charlie - Matthew Meehan
Danny - Geoff Dodsworth
Koala Bare - Kevin Bowers
Bondi Bitch - David Wilkins

Directed by Mike Morris
Production Assistant - Merle Dodsworth and Sian Hayden

Programme Notes:
Just 12 months ago we left the four fish packers in a state of shock when they won the Jackpot at Royal Ascot - now they are planning their journey to Australia to celebrate in style but nothing ever goes to plan with them. This is a marvellous follow up to the original play involving even more outrageous characters from cabin staff on a British Airways jet, a couple of beach bums, an Australian Traveller, two drag queens at the Mardi Gras as well as Joe - the fella who had set off much earlier to Australia to arrange a wonderful welcome - so what could possibly go wrong??? Hope you enjoy our Summer 2013 production . Mike Morris, Director.
For the Company:
Stage Manager - Roger Hester
Costume Design - Diana Mills
Technical Manager - Lionel Elliott
Lighting and Sound - Wayne Bradshaw
Lighting and Sound - Tom Heald
Set Design - The Company
House Manager - Karol Cooper, Sian Hayden
Catering - Karol Cooper, Lisa Dunbar, Lesley James, Sian Hayden, Jan Bradshaw, Diana Mills, Liz Strevens

Act 1 Scenes:
1. Australia, Blue Mountains, night
2. Same time, Manchester Airport, departure lounge
3. On board of the plane
4. Sydney Airport
5. A week later, Surfers Paradise, Queensland
6. Two weeks later, edge of an outback town, derelict shack
7. Next day, campsite, Uluru

Act 2 Scenes:
1. Later that night, campsite, Uluru
2. Same time, different part of the campsite
3. Later that night, campsite, Uluru
4. Even later that night at dawn, campsite, Uluru
5. A few days later, a street in Sydney
6. Next day, Sydney Airport
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