2013: Spring - An Evening of Comedy
3 One-Act Plays: An Evening of Comedy.

Photographs by:
Godfrey Partridge
HAVE A NICE DAY by Lynn Brittney.

Carol is a not-too-bright presenter on breakfast television and she is facing the axe—a fact that she has learnt through the daily newspapers. She gets little sympathy from her co-workers. When Carol’s agent, David, arrives he confirms that she will soon be out of a job and he doesn’t seem to be able to come up with much as an alternative. So Carol rebels and goes on set looking decidedly unglamorous. But David—ever the opportunist—instantly sees possibilities in her ‘new look’ and starts making phone calls….. A wonderful satire on the shallow (and not exactly honest) world of television.

Marjorie - Phillippa Connell
Kirsty - Sian Hayden
Joe - Nick Coleman
Carol - Millie Lockley-Boyd
David - John Holloway
Sir William - Mike Morris

Directed by Godfrey Partridge
Production Assistant - Jenni Prior


It’s 1975 and on a bleak island off the south coast stands the Jared Island Lighthouse, where the easy life of the old conniving Lighthouse Keeper and his inept and naïve grandson is about to get difficult. Head office has sent a bureaucratic official to check they are up to scratch. Can they keep her away from their various money making schemes? What are the Inspector’s real motives? And what are they really putting on the rhubarb?!

Granddad - Stuart Wineberg
Ms Spink - Glenn Partridge
Mortimer - James Hook

Directed by Tom Pinnock
Production Assistant - Leonie Frendo

ALBERT by Richard Harris.

Can language really be a barrier? The chance meeting of Karin, Nico and Albert in a house somewhere in London allows them the opportunity to find out. The fact that they are all from different countries surely can’t matter—after all, they can sit around, chatting and joking, getting to know and appreciate their differences—all the misunderstandings, the suspicions, will just disappear, right? …Right?

Karin - Naomi Scott
Nico - Kevin Bowers
Albert - Vince McKeown
Ivy - Jan Bradshaw

Directed by Lorraine Biddlecombe
Production Assistant - Norma Hester

For the Company:
Stage Manager - Marianne Potts
Stage Crew - Matthew Meehan, Wayne Bradshaw, Lisa Dunbar
Lighting - Simon Grey
Sound - Lionel Elliott
Propities - Marilyn Dunbar
Set construction - The Company
Front of House Manager - Liz Strevens
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