2013: Panto - Little Bo Peep
Photos by:
Lisa Dunbar
Godfrey Partridge

Little Bo Peep
written by Paul Reakes,
directed by Marilyn Dunbar.


Little Bo-Peep looks after Fanny Fairacre's flock of sheep on Fairacre Farm. The malevolent Lady Sneering is jealous of her romance with Fanny's son Freddie, so she instructs evil magician Mefisto — from Cindy Sparkle's travelling show — to make the pretty shepherdess disappear! Meanwhile Fanny's gormless farmhand Wally has fallen for glamorous Cindy. Soon they all find themselves banished to the nightmarish "Place of the Disappeared" - with no apparent hope of return .

The sheep on Fanny Fairacres farm are small and cuddly but thanks to the scheming Lady Sneering and the magic of the mighty Mafisto they are spirited away to the Land of the Disappeared. With the help of members of Cindy Sparkle's Circus, Bo-Peep and her friends go to the mysterious land and the sheep are rescued. But what becomes of the nasty Mafisto and who really saves the day?

Our pantomime this year has been a lot of fun to direct and I would like to welcome Vince, Nick and John to their first panto experience with the Company and my brilliant junior chorus who have worked very hard. So sit back and enjoy the fun and if you see any sheep wandering around do let us know!


Fanny Fairacre ... Dave Wilkins
Wally ... Terry James
Freddie Fairacre ... Kelly Pieda
Lady Sneering ... Jan Bradshaw
Little Bo-Peep ... Leonie Frendo
Ding ... Liz Strevens
Dong ... Wayne Bradshaw
Cindy Sparkle ... Lisa Dunbar
Mefisto ... Vince Mckeown
PC Wurld ... John Holloway
Merdalf ... Mike Morris
Scarecrow ... Godfrey Partridge

Adult Chorus
Glen Partridge, John Holloway, Merle Dodsworth, Naomi Scott, Nick Coleman, Philippa Connell, Sian Hayden, Sarah Phipps.

Junior Chorus (dancers)
Alice Emington, Beth Cooper, Darcey Hampton, Georgina Clay, Hannah Burroughs, Millie Rogers, Sophie Harcourt-Brown.

Junior Chorus (sheep)
Ben Holden, Freya Norris, Hugo Norris, Izzy Apperely, Kyle Davison, Mia Drayton, Sian Davison.

For the Company
Stage Manager ... Roger Hester
Assistant Stage Manager ... Marianne Potts
Production Assistant … Norma Hester
Wardrobe ... Diana Mills.
Musical Director ... Lionel Elliott.
Lighting ... Simon Grey and Tom Pinnock,
Properties ... Lesley James and Joss Pieda,
Front of House Manager … Lorraine Biddlecome
Set Design ... Roger Hester, Terry James
Set construction ... Members of the Company
Dance Choreography ... Lisa Dunbar
Singing coach ... Dave Wilkins

Act 1 Scenes:
The Village Green
Near the Farm
In the Show Tent
Near the Farm
The Village Green, that night

Act 2 Scenes:
Fanny's Farmyard
Near the Farm
In the Show Tent
Near the Farm
The Place of the Disappeared
Near the Farm
The Grand Finale
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