2012: Spring - Beans, Buses and Bustles
3 One-Act Plays: Beans, Buses and Bustles

Photographs by:
Godfrey Partridge
Up The Garden Path by Paul Beard:

Set in the bungalow of Marjorie and Henry, a tale of jealousy and rivalry in the world of home grown vegetables, that turns to suspicion, when their neighbour`s wife mysteriously disappears having destroyed her husband's prize marrow. Is there a sinister reason behind Ernest`s bonfires? And who was it that trampled the Petit Pois? All is revealed over a glass of rhubarb `92.

Marjorie - Marilyn Dunbar
Henry - Wayne Bradshaw
Ernest - Mike Morris

Directed by Karol Cooper
Production Assistant - Lisa Dunbar

Programme Notes:
Retired couple Henry and Marjorie's neighbour Ernest is coming to dinner, again! This is a tale of jealousy and rivalry in the world of home grown vegetables, that turns to suspicion as Marjorie begins to wonder what really happened to Earnest's missing wife. I hope that you enjoy this one act play and I would like to take the opportunity to thank my cast who made every rehearsal something special! Karol.
Spongecake and Branston by Mark Robberts:

When former schoolmates now pensioners Bert and Fred meet by chance, together with their wives, Edna and Ivy, on the top-deck of a double-decker bus, Edna's home-made sponge cake and Branston pickle begins a bumbling conversation that reveals Edna and Fred are on their way to a funeral. Fred is a retired dustman and Ivy and Bert are on their way to the an edition of the BBC Antiques Roadshow. Bert confides his belief that he's on the verge of a breakthrough and is looking for a source of greenhouse gas. Edna will confounds Ivy when she tells how Bert got his new 'cap'. And Bert reveals that Fred was known in his schooldays as The Phantom, leading to a painful confrontation between all four and the dispatching of the two men, followed by an understanding, a meeting of minds between the two women.

Edna - Marianne Potts
Fred - Nick Coleman
Bert - Mike Morris
Ivy - Jan Bradshaw

Directed by Kelly Pieda
Production Assistant - Terry James

Programme Notes:
Two old school friends meet on the bus, with their wives. What secrets from the past will be revealed? Join in the with these four old fogies. I am delighted to have the chance to direct this play after five years of being a member and I hope you enjoy this short play as much as me. Kelly.
Curses Foiled Again by Evelyn Hood:

The eve-of-performance dress rehearsal of Henry's send-up of a Victorian tragedy is running anything but smoothly as the cast constantly step out of character to bicker. Feuds simmer beneath the surface and the pretty heroine cannot remember her lines! However, when all seems lost, and the play likely to be cancelled, the cast rally like true troopers for "the show must go on"!

Lucy (Kate) - Sian Hayden
Jasper Rotten (Henry) - Wayne Bradshaw
Nurse (Sandra) - Sheila Hardiman
Victor Pureheart (Peter) - Simon Grey
Lady Flawless (Anna) - Sarah Phipps
Nell (Stephanie) - Leonie Frendo

Directed by Jennie Prior and Pip Connell
Production Assistant - Jennie Prior and Pip Connell

Programme Notes:
It is the night before a big performance for Henry's theatre group, and they are performing his very first play. Will the cast sort out their tangled love lives and work together? Will Stephanie learn her lines on time? This is our first directing experience with Chameleons and we hope you enjoy our production. Jenni and Pip.
For the Company:
Stage Manager - Terry James
Assistant Stage Manager - Tom Pinnock, Glen Partridge
Lighting - Roger Hester
Sound - Lionel Elliott
Set Design - Terry James, Roger Hester
Props coordinator - Lisa Dunbar, Glen Partridge
Set construction - The Company
House Manager - Lorraine Biddlecombe (the Company through illness)
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