2011: Autumn - Funny Money
Funny Money
A comedy by Ray Cooney

Photos supplied by:
Godfrey Partridge

Welcome to our Autumn production.
Apologies to the Bard, but the plot, if not necessarily the language is worthy of him "Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive." It's Henry's birthday and Fate has a present for him that he was not expecting. But then it seems that Fate has a change of heart. Prepare to be amazed and enthralled as Henry, ably aided and abetted my his wife and friends (old and new) "takes arms against a sea of troubles...."
Simon Grey.


Jean - Liz Strevens
Henry - Wayne Bradshaw
Davenport - Dave Wilkins
Jill - Sheila Hardiman
Slater - Jenni Prior
Betty - Glen Partridge
Vic - Geoff Dodsworth
Passer by - Terry James

Directed by Simon Grey
Production Assistant - Merle Dodsworth

For the Company
Stage Manager ... Marianne Potts
Properties ... Leonie Frendo
Lighting / Sound / Special effects ... Lionel Elliott
House Manager ... Mike Morris
Catering ... Karol Cooper, Marilyn Dunbar, Lesley James, Sue Elliott.

Set Design and Construction by company members.

It’s Henry Perkins’ birthday and Jean, his wife, is planning a special dinner for him and their best friends, Vic and Betty. Henry knows it really is his birthday because he discovers his briefcase doesn’t contain a leftover sandwich but a couple of million pounds in used banknotes! He’s intent on taking the money and flying to Barcelona, but Jean wants to stay home, despite worries that the villain owning the money might come looking for them. Two policemen, an irate taxi driver and many alter egos later.....
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