2011: Spring - Gone / Perfect Partners / Amazing Grace
Photographs by:
James Hodgson
Liam O'Neill
By Jeannie van Rompaey

This short play was debuted at the All England Drama Festival. This new work shows us the devastating effect the disappearance of a child can have. Kate is the only child of Sarah and Richard and at the age of 18 appears to have an excellent relationship with her academic parents. Why then would she disappear?

Sarah - Marilyn Dunbar
Richard - Bob Lee
Kate - Lisa Dunbar
Grandad - Mike Morris

Directed by Lorraine Biddlecombe
Production Assistant - Marianne Potts

Amazing Grace
By Rena Pope

This short play is set in the rundown convent of the Blessed Lady of Eternal Flame. Clumsy Grace, the cleaner, accidentally moves the figure of the Blessed Lady and the Sisters mistakenly think a miracle has occurred. This gentle comedy leaves you to make up your own mind – was it a true miracle or just a good outcome for the convent?

Grace - Jos Pieda
Dot - Norma Hester
Gladys - Sian Hayden
Sister Lavinia - Glen Partridge
Sister Agnes - Sarah Phipps

Directed by Sheila Hardiman
Production Assistant - Lesley Stone

Perfect Partners
By Alan Richardson

This is the story of Edwina and Jonathan Lovelock who are to divorce – hardly the best advertisement for 'Perfect Partners', the dating agency they run together. When a prospective client is revealed as a journalist looking to write a blistering exposé of dating agencies, the couple have a battle on their hands. Sparkily amusing, combining a satirical glimpse world of dating agencies with a witty, touching personal drama.

Edwina - Jan Bradshaw
Jonathan - Wayne Bradshaw
David Murray - Simon Grey
Susan Carter - Kelly Pieda

Directed by Dave Wilkins
Production Assistant - Merle Dodsworth

For the Company
Stage Manager - Marianne Potts
Assistant Stage Manager - Terry James, Sheila Hardiman
Lighting - Tom Pinnock
Sound - Lionel Elliott
Set Design - Terry James, Roger Hester
Props coordinator - Marianne Potts
Set construction - The Company
House Manager - Roger Hester
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