2011: Panto - Cinderella
Photos supplied by:
Liz Strevens
James Hodgson
Liam O'Neill
Kelly Pieda

Cinderella is a young woman living with her step mother and two step sisters. She works as a servant for them and caters to their every need. She does all the cooking and cleaning, and is treated like a servant. The step sisters are very mean.
When the Prince of the Village sends out invitations to a ball held in his honour to all the villagers, Cinderella begs to go but her step mother will not let her.
The night of the ball arrives, and the sisters and mother laugh and leave. Cinderella cries and wishes she could attend also. At that moment her Fairy God Mother appears and uses her magic so that Cinderella can attend, giving her a dress, glass slippers, and turning a pumpkin into a carriage. She also informs Cinderella that this spell will only last until midnight.
Cinderella goes off onto the ball, and while she is there she attracts quite a bit of attention especially from the Prince. The two dance all night, till Cinderella hears the clock chime. She remembers what her god mother said, and dashes off, leaving only a slipper behind. The Prince desperate to find this mystery woman has his assistant go to all the women of the village to find its owner.
Just when all hope is gone the assistant tries the slipper on the step sisters and despite a hard effort the shoe does not fit. Cinderella then tries on the shoe and it fits perfectly shocking everyone, especially her step sisters and evil step mother.
Cinderella marries her Prince Charming and lives happily ever after.

“Welcome to the Richie Hall and to the Chameleon production of Cinderella.
I am very proud to have directed this year, Cinderella being, in a way, the quintessential panto for me.
Our cast and crew have worked very hard to bring you this classic tale of love and dreadful relatives! I am sure that you will agree they have made a wonderful job of it!
So settle down and lose yourself in the magic, music and laughter that is Cinderella,”
Liz Strevens

Cinderella by Paul Reakes

Cinderella – Emma Phillips
Baron Beaujolaise – Mike Morris
Baroness Beaujolaise – Jos Pieda
Mattie – Wayne Bradshaw
Hattie – Dave Wilkins
Buttons – Bob Spurrier
Duke of Verucca – Geoff Dodsworth
Nip – Stuart Wineberg
Tuck – Sheila Hardiman
Archie – Kelly Pieda
Prince Charming – Lisa Dunbar
Old Beggar Woman / Fairy Godmother – Sian Hayden
Urk – Roger Hester
Kathy – Amy Pieda (Laura King on 21 and 22 January)

Adult Chorus: Glen Partridge, Lesley James, Norma Hester, Rose Bull, Amy Pieda, Leslie Stone, Zoe Phillips.
Junior Chorus: Georgina Clay, Megan Ryan, Alice Eminton, Amelia Ryan-Fecitt

Directed by Liz Strevens
Production Assistant – Merle Dodsworth

For the Company
Stage Manager ... Marianne Potts
ASM ... Roger Hester .
Crew ... Terry James
Properties ... Marilyn Dunbar
Wardrobe Mistress ... Zoe Phillips
Technical & Lighting Engineer ... Simon Grey
Sound Engineer ... Lionel Elliott
House Manager ... Godfrey Partridge
Matrons ... Laura King
Heather King
Make up ... Jan Bradshaw
Set Design and Construction by Company Members.

Act 1 Scenes:
1 The Village Square
2 A Street
3 A Glade in the Royal Forest
4 Another Street
5 The Stepsisters’ boudoir
6 Outside the Baron’s house

Act 2 Scenes:
1 The Palace Ballroom
2 A dank, dark dungeon cell
3 Back in the Ballroom
4 Yet another Street
5 Hall of the Baron.s house
6 The bit before the last bit
7 The Grand Finale
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