2010: Summer - Summer Super Theatre
Our July wine and supper production.

This year we are doing three short plays:
* The wry and wistful 'September in the Rain' by John Godber.
* The wildly funny 'The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley' by David Tristram in which rival theatre groups battle it out.
* The outrageous 'Brenton vs. Brenton' by David Tristram, a spoof of the best (worst?) 80s soap operas, complete with shoulderpads. (Contains Adult Themes)
September in the Rain
By John Godber

A gentle, lyrical comedy where a Yorkshire miner and his wife look back at there annual holidays in Blackpool

Liz – Marilyn Dunbar
Jack – Bob Lee

Directed by Lorraine Biddlecombe
Production Assistant – Lisa Dunbar

The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley
By David Tristram

Little Grimley an dram group’s four remaining members are all shocked by the news of a rival company in the next village. Their sabotage plans naturally go wrong and lead to mayhem.

The action takes place in the Little Grimley village hall over a period of three weeks.

(In order of Their Own Sense of Importance)
Gordon – Godfrey Partridge
Margaret – Jan Bradshaw
Joyce – Sian Hayden
Bernard – Terry James

Directed by Sheila Hardiman
Production Assistant – Norma Hester

Brenton versus Brenton
By David Tristram

An epic saga of lust, greed, power and wealth.

What is the dark secret which inflames the Brenton family? Who is the mysterious Eddie? Why are Lana’s shoulderpads wider than the door? Where did Blanche get that boob job? And just what was Deke Brenton doing down on the farm?

All this, and more, is revealed in this outrageous spoof of American soaps and blockbuster mini-series, set in a manic world of Chicago’s biggest advertising agency.

(in order of appearance)
Deke Brenton – Geoff Dodsworth
Brett Howard – Bob Spurrier
Foxglove Brenton – Naomi Scott
Lana Brenton – Glen Partridge
Matt Kirby – Tom Pinnock
Blanche De-ville – Di Williams

Directed by Liz Strevens
Production Assistant – Merle Dodsworth.

For the Company
Stage Manager - Marianne Potts
ASMs - Roger Hester, Lisa Dunbar
Lighting - Simon Grey / Tom Pinnock
Sound - Wayne Bradshaw
House Manager - Mike Morris
Costumes - Zoe Phillips
Set Design and Construction by Company Members.
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