2010: Panto - Robinson Crusoe
Photos supplied by:
Marianne Potts
Godfrey Partridge
James Hodgson

This exciting, adventure-packed pantomime traces Robinson Crusoe's voyage to Tobago where he hopes to locate the hidden treasure shown on the map given to him by Old Jim.

Blackpatch, the Pirate, stows away on board, and later enlists the help of Jack Boot and his band of bloodthirsty Pirates in an attempt to steal the treasure. Unfortunately Crusoe reckoned without Demon Oylslick, whose threat to pollute the High Seas is later repelled by Fairy Detergents.

Crusoe encounters Man Friday and some hungry Islanders, led by their Queen, on the Island after his amazing shipwreck. However, the treasure is found, and all ends happily, despite the Grunting Gorillas, after some marvellous comedy moments with Mrs Crusoe, Bill and Ben and a lot of joyous audience participation.

"Welcome to this year’s pantomime. Robinson Crusoe, based on Daniel Defoe’s book written in 1719, has been performed often and I trust you will enjoy watching this version as much as we have enjoyed performing it.
An exciting adventure-packed story follows Robinson, his Mum, girlfriend Polly and crew of the Mary Rose on their voyage to Tobago in the hope of finding hidden treasure. Watch Robinson pit his wits against the villainous Blackpatch and his band of bloodthirsty pirates who want the treasure for themselves. Sadly Robinson didn’t reckon with Demon Oylslick polluting the high seas and sinking the Mary Rose. Never fear, the Fairy is at hand to save the day! On Tobago we meet Man Friday and the hungry islanders led by their Queen. How will Robinson deal with this dilemma? Don’t worry it all ends happily ever after!!!"

(Man Friday's St. Tropez Tan courtesy of Debs at the Beauty Room Envy Hair and Beauty Salon)

Robinson Crusoe by John Morley

Captain Perkins - Stuart Wineberg
Polly Perkins - Lisa Dunbar
Kenny Crusoe - Marilyn Dunbar
Blackpatch - Dave Wilkins
Bill Barnacle - Wayne Bradshaw
Ben Dover - Terry James
Robinson Crusoe - Bob Spurrier
Chrissie Crusoe - Jan Bradshaw
Old Jim - Mike Morris
Jack Boot - Glen Partridge
Demon Oylslick - Norma Hester
Fairy Detergenta - Naomi Scott
Man Friday - Geoff Dodsworth
Island Queen - Vivian Gavigan
Grunting Gorilla - Rose Bull
Lord Nelson - Mike Morris

Adult Chorus: Cathy Glombek, Emma Phillips, Godfrey Partridge, Immy Ellaby, Jos Pieda, Lesley James, Lizzie Shaw, Merle Dodsworth, Mike Morris, Rose Bull, Sian Hayden
Junior Chorus: Amelia Ryan-Fecitt, Rhiya Asher, Jenika Asher, Megan McLellan

Directed by Marianne Potts
Production Assistant - Sheila Hardiman

For the Company
Stage Manager - Roger Hester
Stage Crew - Andrew Boyd, Bob Lee
Properties - Sue Elliott, Amy Pieda
Lighting - Tom Pinnock, James Hodgson
Music and sound - Lionel Elliott
Set design - Terry James, Roger Hester
Set construction - The company
Costume - Zoe Phillips, Lesley Stone, Margaret Skipper and members of the company
Makeup - Sian Hayden and Zoe Phillips
Matron - Laura King
House Manager - Marianne Potts

Act 1 Scenes:
1 The Docks of London Town
2 On the Poop deck of the Mary Rose
3 The Ship's Galley
4 The Poop deck again
5 The Main deck
6 Demon Oylslick's Gruesome Grotto

Act 2 Scenes:
1 On the desert island of Tobago
2 The Island Village
3 The Stockade
4 In the Forest of Grunting Gorillas
5 The Temple of the Sacred Snake
6 On the way home
7 Safe home in London
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