2009: Autumn - Garden Pests / Grannies / Mr Foot / A Cut in the Rates
Chameleon Theatre performances on 29, 30 and 31 October 2009

Play 1 - Garden Pests by Jean McConnell

Garden Pests is set in a beautiful garden open to the public; we meet two lady garden enthusiasts with rather different opinions on almost everything!

Helena - Liz Strevens
Cath - Sian Hayden

Director - Sheila Hardiman
Production Assistant - James Hodgson

Play 2 - Mr Foot by Michael Frayn

In Mr. Foot, Nibs is intensely irritated by her husband’s tapping foot and the possibility that she may be “investigated” to be certain she is the right sort of wife for his possible move up the company ladder. The action takes place in the living loom of a suburban house

Geoffrey - Wayne Bradshaw
Nibs - Jan Bradshaw

Director - Marianne Potts
Production Assistant - Norma Hester

Play 3 - Grannies by Jean McConnell

Grannies introduces us to Jenny and Barbara, comparing notes on grandmotherhood. The action takes place on a seafront promenade

Barbara - Diane Williams
Jenny - Julie Bowring

Director - Sheila Hardiman
Production Assistant - James Hodgson

Play 4 - A Cut in the Rates by Alan Ayckbourn

A Cut in the Rates tells the story of an officer from the council rates department who becomes uncomfortably embroiled in a dispute between an illusionist and the ghost of his dead wife. The action takes place at a typical suburban house.

Miss Pickhart - Marilyn Dunbar
Woman / Rosalinda - Naomi Scott
Ratchett - Stuart Wineberg

Director - Lorraine Biddlecombe

For the Company
Stage Manager - Roger Hester
ASMs - Terry James, Glen Partridge
Lighting - Simon Grey/Tom Pinnock
Sound - Bob Lee
House Manager - Godfrey Partridge
Set Design and Construction by company members.
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