2008: Spring - Sweet Caroline Sweet / The Window Cleaner / Stalag 69 / Streuth
Sweet Caroline Sweet by Tony Edwards

Directed by Geoff Dodsworth

Percy Middleditch is, as they say, one of lifes losers. An insignificant man, with nothing going for him in the looks or personality stakes. So when an advertisement in the Lonely Hearts column brings the beautiful Caroline Sweet into his life, he is besotted. His shrewd and neighbourly landlady warns him not to raise his hopes too high - and is proved right when Caroline turns out to be rather different to what she first appeared. Percy is shattered, and his uncharacteristic reaction carries the full weight of his feelings.

The Window Cleaner by Gillian Plowman

Directed by James Hodgson

A window cleaner and a burglar meet in an empty flat. What do they find out, about the flat, its owner and each other?

Stalag 69 by Michael Green

Directed by Liz Strevens

This seminal investigation into the relationship between men and war unfolds on an inverted set that collapses completely during the second run through.

Streuth by Michael Green

Directed by Liz Strevens

One night in D'Arcy Manor the dead body of Henry D'Arcy is discovered. The great Inspector has come to investigate who murdered Henry. Among the suspects are Oliver D'arcy, the dead man's brother, his wife, Mrs. D'Arcy, and their son Hubert. Also at the house is The Major, James the Quasimodo butler, and the Air-headed cook.
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