2005: April - Teechers / Bill and Bob
Bill & Bob by H. Connolly

Directed by Karol Cooper

Forklift drivers Bill’s and Bob’s banter at work masks their domestic difficulties. Bill and his wife Jane mourn the cot death of their baby, and Jane turns to alcohol for release. Bob’s wife Mo is looking for a change in her life now that the children have grown.

Teechers by John Godber

Directed by Liz Strevens

The main story is that of a new extremely able drama teacher, Geoff Nixon, who is able to enthuse his classes at a tough comprehensive known as Colditz at the local County Hall. Other characters include the strict Mr Basford, whose policy is to “hit them low and hard”, the nervous weak teacher whose main threat is to call in Mr Basford, and the usual selection of kids such as the school bully and the schoolgirl who wants to seduce the teacher.
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