2000: Autumn - Trapped / Pride at Southanger Park / Oedocles, King of Thebes
Coarse Acting Strikes Back - by Michael Green

Many of you will remember the series of 'The Art of Coarse' books; Michael Green has written a number of plays showing amateur theatre at its ... well, at its worst! As our regular audience will know, we could never be that bad!

> Trapped - a country house thriller with dead bodies galore.
> Pride at Southanger Park - comedy of manners, à la Jane Austen, with a spirited heroine and handsome man in search of a wife!
> Oedocles, King of Thebes - a Greek tragedy. Your sympathy will be drawn to Oedocles, King Lear had it easy.

Produced by Liz Taylor and Norma Hester.

This was great fun to perform and from the laughter in the hall, the audiences had fun too!

The Hampshire Chronicle wrote: 'The latest amateur production at the Ritchie Hall was a complete shambles. This reporter has seldom seen anything like it. To say the show was under-rehearsed would be to assume that the cast had actually held a run-through, which seems unlikely. The acting ranged from abysmal to non-existent. The stage sets were shoddy, the props apparently engaged in silent conspiracy agains the cast. If this sounds harsh, you've never seen TWITS in action. And if you missed TWITS you missed an evening of non-stop hilarity.'
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