2001: Summer - Blue Remembered Hills
Our production for July 2001 was Blue Remembered Hills, by Dennis Potter. This well-known play follows the adventures of a group of 7 year old children one summer afternoon in 1943 and draws on his own childhood in the Forest of Dean.

Marilyn Dunbar had seen the play performed in drama festival competion some ten years ago, and has wanted to direct it ever since. The "children" are all played by adults, which was challenging to the cast, some of whom were familiar faces to our regular audience, and some relative newcomers to the Chameleons' stage.

The staging of the play was equally challenging. The play was written for television and thus the action, like the children, roams all over the country side. Fitting a barn, woods, a hollow, a hill and fields into our tiny stage required immense ingenuity, not to mention burning down the afore mentioned barn each night!

July is our regular supper theatre production, and the wartime theme was carried through the entire evening, with the hall decorated with bunting, Union Jacks, wartime posters and record covers. Music and radio clips of the time added to the atmosphere. The front of house team did their bit for England too!
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