2004: Spring - Feeding the Ducks / Cliff's Edge / Swingers
This year, we found 3 very different plays on the internet. Each was very funny, although somewhat black in humour. As you will see from the photographs, our very small stage had to be a park, Beachy Head and a suburban flat!

We opened with a two hander Feeding the ducks by Michael Park, directed by Lee Foster. Successful business woman Clare has a secret romantic assignation in the park, but the only person around when she arrives is a man feeding the ducks. Little does she realize the impact this total stranger is quickly going to have on her life.

Next came Cliff's edge by Paul Beard and directed by Marilyn Dunbar. Set on the cliff top at Beachy Head, a failed actor, a depressed pub landlord and a schizophrenic passer by are the characters in this blackest of comedies.

Finally, Swingers by Paul Beard and directed by Roger Hester.
Set in an eleventh floor flat on a run down council estate, the occupants try their hand at wife swapping with a couple from Hampstead who answer their advert. The meeting of middle class morals and working class values makes for a comically overwrought situation as misunderstandings and embarrassment overtake those involved.
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