2002: Panto - Treasure Island - the Panto
Treasure Island
written by Richard Lloyd,
directed by Geoff Dodsworth.

Programme Notes (Synopsis)
Treasure Island makes no apology for being a rattling good yarn about a motley bunch of Pirates in their quest for buried treasure by a disparate group of well-intentioned incompetents. It is a tale for children of all ages in the classic tradition - some villains to fear, some goodies to cheer and a sprinkling of songs to hear. Not forgetting the usual ingredients of Dame, Broker's Men (Women?), Principal Boy/Girl, without whom no British Pantomime would be complete. So sit back me 'earties and prepare for generous helpings of "ooo aaar Jim Laddi" and "Pieces of Eight!" as we set sail for Treasure Island!!
(The Jolly Boat seen at the beginning of Act II is available for hire for cruises on the Solent, Receptions, Cocktail Parties etc. at a reasonable rate. Enquiries to Mr. Davey Jones, Locker Room, "The Deep", c/o Chameleon Theatre Company).
Geoff Dodsworth


The Quality
Squire Polperro ... Lee Foster
The Hon. Nancy Polperro / Roger ... Helen Davey
Dr. Liversausage ... Godfrey Partridge
Captain Smellit (RN) ... Andrew Craddock

Evil Swabs
Long John Silver ... Wayne Bradshaw
Billy Fishbones ... Jeff Berryman
Blind Puke ... Dave Leland
Pink Dog ... Maria Gray
Israel Feet ... Bobby Spurrier
George Merry ... Toni Opie
Groundbait ... Sandra Foster

The Poor and Simple
Mrs Ladd ... Colin Davey
Jim Ladd ... Gillian Payne
Bodmin ... Liz Taylor
Newquay ... Sian Hayden
Bertha Gunn ... Jan Bradshaw

The Exotic Latinos
Dom Iguana Del Anacooda Con Queso ... Stuart Wineberg
Donna Estella Del Torremolinos y Chimichange ... Glen Partridge

The Parrot
Teresa Higgins, Ryan Foster

Assorted Pirates, Peasants & Islanders
Rod Horne, Norma Hester, Merle Dodsworth, Teresa Higgins, Lesley James

For the Company (The Admiralty Behind The Scenes)
Musical Director ... Phil Le Cheminant
Stage Manager ... Karen Godden
Production Assistant ... Joy Mathieson
Lighting ... James Hodgson
Costumes ... Margaret Skipper, Pat Symonds
Properties ... Marianne Potts
Front of House Manager … Sheila Hardiman

Set Building, Stage Hands, Helpful Advice and Encouragement ... The Company

Press review

Chameleons chose an exciting adventure story for panto 2002. Treasure Island - the Panto by Richard Lloyd retells this classic story, but with all the usual pantomime ingredients. Here are images of Long John Slither and his villainous band of pirates, Jim Ladd, Dame Ladd, Squire Polperro and his lovely daughter Nancy, along with many other characters.

Geoff Dodsworth directed his first panto, having played many panto roles in the past, most recently the Emperor in Aladdin last year.
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