2002: Autumn - Tryst / Jimmy McBride / Close to Croydon
October 2002 - A duet of Festival dramas

We presented our award winning festival entries.

Tryst written by Colin Crowther
Directed by Karol Cooper.

Tom, terminally ill, worries that he cannot express his feelings for Brenda, his wife. He meets Jan, an artist and teacher, whose love of art helps Tom to find a way to show his wife how much she means to him. This play won awards at Eastleigh, and also at Totton, taking us to the third round of the All England Drama Festival. Our small stage divided into 3 separate acting areas.

Jimmy McBride written
Directed by Godfrey Partridge.

Set in the Great War, this play weaves together a folk song and an episode from Godfrey's own family history, depicting the horror of war and the anguish of those left behind. This play won a number of awards at the Eastleigh Drama Festival

Close to Croydon written by Gillian Plowman
Directed by James Hodgson.

A man and woman trapped in a crashed train carriage move from strangers to friends while they wait for rescue.
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