2004: Panto - Dick Whittington
Dick Whittington
written by John Morton,
directed by Liz Strevens.

King Rat ... Lee Foster
Fairy Tinkle ... Sheila Hardiman
Alice Fitzwarren ... Kym James
Alderman Fitzwarren ... Andrew Craddock
Idle Jack ... Terry James
Captain Cockle ... Dave Leland
Mr Mussel ... Alec Ransom
Sarah Suet ... Dave Wilkins
Dick Whittington ... Sandra Foster
Tommy the Cat ... Helen Davey
Sam Seaweed ... Stuart Wineberg
Town Crier ... Roger Hester
Warafez ... Rod Horne
El Macho ... Godfrey Partridge
Sultan of Morocco ... Bob Spurrier
Tuffazell ... Jan Bradshaw
Avocado ... Sian Hayden

Adult Chorus
Samantha Vokes, Lesley James, Norma Hester, Sian Hayden, Rod Horne, Bob Spurrier, Stuart Wineberg, , Merle Dodsworth, Amy Wallen, Godfrey Partridge.

Junior Chorus
Ryan Foster, Emma Britton, Alice Osmond, Effa Lowrie, Amy Buff, Tom Leland.

For the Company
Director's Assistant ... Gillian Payne
Production Assistant ... Joy Mathieson
Stage Manager ... Andrew Boyd
Sound ... Wayne Bradshaw
Assistant Stage Manager ... Glen Partridge
Lighting Manager ... Simon Grey,
Lighting Assistant ... Alison Wineberg
Music ... Phil le Cheminone
Wardrobe ... Margaret Skipper, Pat Symonds
Properties ... Karen Godden
Front of House Manager … Geoff Dodsworth
Set construction ... Members of the Company

Chameleons chose the traditional tale of Dick Whittington for pantomime in 2004. John Morley's funny retelling of the story has all the pantomime elements. Dick, our young hero, comes to London to make his fortune, befriending Tommy the cat along the way. He meets young and pretty Alice, who persuades her father, Alderman Fitwarren, to give him a job. But evil King Rat wants to take over London and become Lord Mayor, so Dick, Tommy and Fairy Tinkle must thwart his wicked plan.

Dick Whittington was a real person and was elected Lord Mayor of London three times.

Liz Strevens was the director. Here are a few photographs from the show, and the review in the Hampshire Chronicle.
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