2009: Spring - Bedroom Suite
Chameleon Theatre performances on 23, 24 and 25 April 2009

Play 1 - "Laura"

The story unfolds through a series of parties and ends in a hotel.

Laura - Millie Lockley
Bobby - Gary Orchard
Clare - Julie Bowring
Roy - Andrew Craddock

Director - Godfrey Partridge
Production Assistant - Sian Hayden

Play 2 - "California Suite''

The action takes place in Suite 203 in the Beverly Hills Hotel, in different months of 1976.

Act 1 - Visitors from London - The Oscars

Sidney Nichols - Wayne Bradshaw
Diana Nichols - Jan Bradshaw

Scene 1 - Early evening
Scene 2 - The early hours of next morning

Act 2 - Holidaymakers from London - The tennis match

Mort - Wayne Bradshaw
Beth - Jan Bradshaw
Stu - Dave Wilkins
Gert - Gillian Wilkins

Scene 1 - a sunny afternoon; 4th July

Director - Mike Morris
Production Assistant - Sheila Hardiman

For the Company

Stage Management - Roger Hester
Stage Hands - Glen Partridge and Marilyn Dunbar
Properties - Sue Elliott
Lighting and Sound - Lionel Elliott

Set construction by members of the cast and crew

House Manager - Geoff & Merle Dodsworth

Director’s comments:

I have enjoyed directing the premiere of Laura, written by Gary Orchard who also plays the part of Bobby.
The comedy centres on best friends Roy and Bobby. Roy is married but is having an affair with Laura. Roy persuades Bobby to pretend to be having a relationship with Laura, who agrees since he is totally inept at any kind of personal relationship, especially with women and thinks that a pretend girlfriend is better than nothing. This results in an interesting situation and an hilarious piece of enjoyable drama.
Godfrey Partridge

I am delighted to be presenting a part of the award winning comedy, California Suite by Neil Simon. lt first was presented in 1976 at a Broadway Theatre in New York, USA - some years later a Film version was released.
I hope that you enjoy our version as much as we have in the last 3 months of rehearsal.
Mike Morris
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