2009: January - Goldrush Mountain
Specially written for Chameleons by Terry James, Andrew Boyd and Alec Ransom, Goldrush Mountain is set in the Old Wild West. Ambrosia Van Cartier has arrived in Cactusville in search of her long lost brother, who set off many years before in search of the legendary Gold Nugget of Goldrush Mountain.

Two Gun Pete and his sidekicks, the Three Nachos, are also on the trail, but Sheriff Burke and Augusta and Winifred, staunch members of the Temperance League are out to stop him and stamp sin out of Cactusville.

many enjoyed this unusual setting for a pantomime, it had all the right ingredients!

Directed by:
Andrew Boyd
Marianne Potts

Dusty Road - Terry James
Ambrosia Van-Cartier - Dave Wilkins
Sheriff Wright-Burke Godfrey Partridge
Deputy Do-Do - Stuart Wineberg
Chuck - Joe Glombek
Sioux - Amy Pieda

Two Gun Pete - Dave Leland
Nacho 1 - Liz Stevens
Nacho 2 - Sian Hayden
Nacho 3 - Heather King
Winifred Bacardi-Breezer - Jan Bradshaw
Augusta Rioja-Chardonnay - Glen Partridge

Chief Running Bear - Mike Morris
Higha Waffa - Norma Hester
Lowa Waffa - Terry James
Ima Handful - Lesley James
Ida Down - Jos Pieda
Dawn Breaks - Eileen Calnan
Gladys Friday - Kelly Pieda
Hope Springs - Emma Phillips
Anna Notherthing - Cathy Glombek

Hoss the horse - Lizzie Shaw and Immy Ellaby
Vampire - Roger Hester

Junior Chorus - Lauren Cooper, Beth Cooper, Megan Tudor, Eilash Calnan, Kane Hainey, Cathy Glombeck, Lizzie Shaw, Immy Ellaby, Emma Phillips

For the Company:
Production Assistant - Milley Lockley
Stage Manager - Roger Hester
Musical Director - Wayne Bradshaw
Lighting / Special Effects - Simon Grey
Lighting Assistant - Tom Pinnock
Choreography - Kimberley James
Properties - Sheila Hardiman
Stage Hands - James Hodgeson, Lionel Elliott

Wardrobe - Zoe Phillips
Costume Designer - Margaret Skipper
Wardrobe Assistants - Pat Chambers, Anne Lockley, Pat Symonds, Karol Cooper, Sue Elliott
House Manager - Marianne Potts
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