sjansmachine #NFF
Sjansmachine reflects the world we live in and the ever-increasing technologies that incorporate daily life. The idea of sjansmachine is to bring social network ‘friending’ into real space to connect people in the real world again. Participants intuitively use emerging technologies, such as QR tags, Augmented Reality, and face detection, to ‘find new friends’ based on their favorite movie genres. This project is a collaboration between Olga Mink, Carmin Karasic & Rolf van Gelder.

Festival paviljoen, Neude, Utrecht .

Sjansmachine tijdens Nederlands Film Festival 2010.

Sjansmachine during the Dutch Filmfestival 2010 in Utrecht.

Feestelijke opening: sjans, dans en Pak je kans! Met Mis Match Doro!
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