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365 Day 35 | by pimpexposure
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365 Day 35

I used to go to the GYM a lot in my 20’s. I mean on and off I would go. Sometimes for years in a row several times a week. The thing about it is that the reason I was going is because I just wanted to look good. It had nothing to do with health or anything else, it was from a pure aesthetically speaking standpoint. I guess when your in your 20’s you feel invincible. Haha I actually still feel invincible, but slightly more vulnerable at my ripe age of 30.


I was not looking forward to turning 30, I dreaded it for years before it happened. But I can easily say that the age of 30 for me has been one of the best years of my life. I took my photography to a whole other level. It has enabled me to take moments where I wouldn’t seemingly have anything to do and always give me something fun to work on. I love taking pictures. I love taking my camera with me and trying to capture something out of nothing. You know, something that most people just walk by everyday and become blind to its simple beauty. I used to do that too. But I always drove around or walked around and went “now that’s a picture”, but I never did anything about it. Now I do, almost everyday, and its fun. Every spare moment I get I just want to go out and see what kind of crazy shit I can find.


Not only that but I have found myself with some really kickass friends around here that I consider really close. Cara, Nugget, Ambere, the people I work with, my friend Brian and I the other night had a blast with the Eagles game, I could go on and on.


Getting back to the photo, I am finding in my 30’s that I want to work out for my health in addition to trying to look good too. I find myself wanting to do things for the sake of the betterment of my person rather than for other people.


Nevertheless, the reason I have started to do crazy amounts of pushups each day is simply because I’m trying to impress a girl I like. Ha – go figure.


Taken December 29th

Posted December 30th

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Taken on December 29, 2008