Alotau and around
From my visits in 2006, 2010 and 2014. A nice little town from where I've had many wonderful trips. First in 06 to Tawali for a day of diving (top notch!!), and then for a walk through the rainforest up to Didi, the waterful west of town.
In 2010 the fantastic Canou & Kundu Festival was the main event, and what a success!
I stayed at Masurina Lodge both times - very friendly and a great base camp.
In 2010 I also visited Samarai - the old, run-down but fascinating Capital - and Fergusson island with its hotsprings, white beaches and Rainforest clad craters.
2014 braought me to Wagawaga - Captain Moresby's favourite place in all New Guinea - and to Ware Island far out in the sea. Stunning places!
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